Who Do They Think We Are?

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August 12, 2009 | Comments

Perhaps the question above would be better posed as “How stupid do they think we are?” — “they,” of course, being those on the political left, who have made their answer to this query abundantly clear for years. Oppose the left, profess your allegiance to conservative and even traditional American values, and, despite your level of education and life experience, you are a toothless, illiterate shlub, clinging to your guns, your Bible and your family.

Today our own government regards any who oppose its extreme left-wing agenda in this same light, and they are not afraid to say it. Case in point: HR 3200, the notorious “health care” bill being touted by the President and his democratic Congress. As public support for this bill plummets, the administration and the dems are becoming more livid by the second. They have thus resorted to name-calling, a tradition that began at the beginning of this administration’s “rule,” when those who oppose government takeover of industry, finance, health care and such, were christened “right-wing extremists” (especially valid for those who happen to be members of the NRA, oppose abortion, or are returning home from a tour of duty in the United States military).

Now that the health-care debate has caught fire, Americans who have never protested anything are showing up in droves at town hall meetings and protests across the nation, channeling eloquently the spirit of Thomas Paine to express their opposition to what they consider a dangerous and un-American piece of legislation. In response these fledgling protesters have sustained a steady tirade of insults from their own elected officials, and even the White House itself, each barrage becoming more shrill and hysterical and extreme by the day. They’re un-American! An unruly mob! Brooks Brothers brigade! Astroturfers with manufactured anger! They’re sabotaging democracy! They’re Nazis! Terrorists! The KKK! Brown shirts! And, when all else has failed, the ever popular: They’re just racists.

The more incendiary their pronouncements, the left has believed, the more frightened we toothless masses will become, and the more likely we will finally shut our mouths (just as you suggested, Mr. President), crawl back under our rocks in fear and surrender, and allow the almighty government to do what is best for the collective.

So I must ask again: Just who do they think we are?

Obviously they have no idea. His own frustration escalating, the President called out his unions and various, shall we say, community activists, to wreak havoc at town halls and protests, to “punch back twice as hard.” Several victims of physical assault can testify to the success of this tactic. The White House also launched what has become known as “the snitch line” on its website, asking supporters to report anyone who, through email or “casual conversation,” might be spreading negative, misguided or otherwise “fishy” opinions and information about HR 3200. While supporters have apparently obeyed this order, demonized Americans have also answered the call, reporting themselves to the White House for their opposition to nationalized government health care, end-of-life counseling, health-care rationing, and socialism in general.

And again the left — from White House to Congress to mainstream-media conspirators to community-organized groups and unions, are shocked to discover that in the wake of such not-so-veiled threats and attacks, the American people still refuse to succumb. Oh no, the opposite has occurred, typically the result when one threatens the American spirit. The left, in turn, is stunned to learn not only that we have teeth, but we also know how to read, and many of us have actually put this latter skill to use and read HR 3200. So when we stand up to speak at protests and town halls (true town halls, not phony, staged, presidential town halls, of course), we come armed with facts, figures, and direct quotes.

The startled politicos at the receiving end of such informed and heartfelt dissent are hiding in their offices and refusing to explain why they themselves are exempt from the plan to which they seek to sentence the rest of us. They appear even more foolish and frightened when we scan the faces of those they are attacking, insulting and evading: grandmothers, grandfathers, moms, dads and kids, veterans, working people, students, taxpayers, consumers, professionals….Americans who are perfectly capable of running their own lives and will not tolerate a government intent on damaging their families. I look in the eyes of these people, these Americans, and I see no evidence of collusion or fraud. And no evidence of fear.

Then I look into the eyes of the name-callers, those standing behind elevated podiums at community centers or behind desks in network newsrooms, calling their voters, their audiences, ignorant fools, terrorists and thugs. In the faces of those name-callers…that is where I see the fear. The vitriol the left has released against the American public seems indeed to have hit the intended targets, yet, finding these targeted Americans draped in an unexpected armor, it has ricocheted back on the individuals who fired that first misguided shot. Terrified of anything so authentic, they are left dazed and uncertain, forced to acknowledge, even if only in the quiet of their own souls, that the anger and the love of country they are witnessing at these gatherings of Americans is real – and undeniably American.

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