Not Again!

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September 9, 2009 | | Comments

Oh please, make it stop! The President is speaking yet again, this time to Congress – the same health-care-reform speech we have heard over and over and over again in his neverending campaign.

Sheesh, this President is desperate. How else do you explain the flag on his lapel? Why else would he launch the speech with those ever-popular scenes of bread-line America, courtesy of, you guessed it, George W. Bush? Why else is his wife channeling the pink-clad visage of Jackie Kennedy?

And take a gander, will ya, at the utter desperation of his party, jumping to their feet like overdressed toys in response to every syllable the man utters. How embarrassing for them. They’re obviously thinking that the more visually fervent their adulation, the more their obedience to that flashing “Applause” sign above the teleprompter, the more likely we the masses will likewise leap aboard their bandwagon. Watch them clap like gleeful toddlers, the glint in their eyes revealing their collective relief that they can shove this monstrosity down our throats while they remain set for life with the Cadillac of all health plans.

What they also reveal tonight is their collective belief that all one – make that the one – needs to do is say something, anything, and everyone will believe. State that 50 million Americans are without health insurance, and the people will believe. State unequivocally that this plan will cost us nothing, that it will not fund abortions or cover illegal aliens, that it will not ration care or withhold care from the elderly, that the vast majority of Americans support it, that Federal bureaucrats won’t be making health-care decisions – oh, and while you’re at it, throw in that you are a devout capitalist who supports competition and the free market – and the people will believe. You have a gift. You need not speak the truth. The people will believe.

The trouble is, Mr. President, sir, you and your Congress have made it abundantly clear over the last few months how woefully inept you are at reading the American public. Drowning as you are in the flood of common sense the people are casting your way, you remain consummate, shall we say, storytellers – expert both at conveniently omitting pertinent facts and at uttering ridiculous, shall we say, untruths. But the sleeping giant has embraced the truth, and your golden words and standing Os can’t erase that. Even with a blue pill.

So, we learn tonight that the President has rescued the economy.  Yee-haw! His minions are on their feet again. He said so. Must be true then. He accuses us ingrates of using scare tactics to oppose his grand plan. Yet he tells us people will die if we don’t climb on board. Reminds me of a commercial spoof on the classic SCTV show, when a sweaty, twitchy, jittery John Candy dressed in a white lab coat tells his TV audience that if they didn’t use the product he’s plugging, “You’ll…you’ll die. Yeah, you’ll die. You will.”

Oh and here we go, right on schedule, throwing blame at President Bush. Again. But what’s that I just heard? No. Couldn’t be. Did he really just utter the words “malpractice reforms?” No details, no commitments, of course, but a juicy bone to the Republicans. And there’s more. In a style that would make Ward Cleaver proud, he’s inviting the Republicans to come on in and talk to him any old time they want. Sure, they’ve been shut out since April, but never mind that. His door is always open. Hear that? Sure, he follows this with a not-so-veiled threat should they deign to misbehave, but they should be honored all the same.

Okay, we knew this was coming: Calling the spirit of Ted Kennedy. Do it for Teddy. Bring his last wish for the little people home. He speaks of Teddy’s legacy — the liberal lion and the American character (brilliant connection). Do it for Teddy. The tears flow. This has to be a deal closer.

I don’t really know what he’s talking about now.  Doesn’t matter. Just hear those golden tones, rising now in calibrated intensity with the cadence of a Baptist minister. The jumping beans rise again. Apparently in the homestretch, he pays tribute to our history and those courageous Americans who came before. (Settle down there now, czars. Just dramatic effect, remember?)

And at last it comes to an end. He asks God to bless America. A bone to us believers. This believer is just thanking the Lord that this latest campaign speech is over.  Nothing new to report – other than the glorious death stare Madam Pelosi shot a Congressman who dared heckle the great leader when he told the ignorant masses that his plan will not include illegal aliens. Pure fury on the Speaker’s face. Funny, though. I don’t remember such venom back when her compadres showered President Bush with booing during a State of the Union Address.

The GOP just gave the response. Short, brilliant, rich with alternatives. And I think precisely what the American people – people who, despite what this administration and this Congress would like to believe – want to hear. Good night, and roger that….

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  1. bloodbrother
    Posted September 11, 2009 at 11:49 pm | Permalink

    I totally agree with your post.

    It was another campaign speech and of course Pelosi called it “one of the greatest speeches ever delivered in the Congress of the United States”. She forgot to mention that this is compared only to all of the ones that only SHE has delivered or witnessed to the Congress of the United States in the last few years, so yes given this criteria I might not oppose her too much. I have no idea.

    Although I thought the speech on the boring side, there was or course some fun when Mr. Obama was taken to task by a congressman who has just as much experience in his new job as Mr. Obama has in his, but plenty more guts. While his comment might have been outside of the rules of protocol of the Senate/House (ARE there rules of protocol in the Constitution about a speech by the President, called by the President, to the joint Senate/House? I am not certain that there are). – Despite this, what he said was TRUE.

    I watched some of the Keith Olberman commentary on his network (CNBC, MSBN, what is it?) and I have never seen a commentator so pissed off in my entire life about nothing other than difference of opinion. I fully expected his face to be about to turn purple and for horns to sprout out of his head during his rebuttal during his discussion about everyone on the right. Olberman is actually a scary individual. I would hate to be one of his employees (if I actually needed to work for this fool)