Life in the Birdcage

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September 15, 2009 | Comments

Back in the day I was a staff writer for several well-known national pet care magazines in Southern California. A dog and horse person myself, I always found it amusing that a bird owner could place a towel or blanket over a pet bird’s cage, and Tweetie would automatically assume it must be nighttime, time for bed, good night.

Well, sorry to say it looks like there are some rather influential folks out there right now who are mistaking we the American people for pet birds living happily and blindly in a cage, assuming that they can simply throw a blanket over our cage, and we will doze off, no questions asked.

I’m talking here about what I once called the mainstream media – NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, etal – until the great Bernie Goldberg, media critic extraordinaire and author of “A Slobbering Love Affair,” reminded us all that it’s time to stop calling these outlets “mainstream,” because they are anything but. Here, here, Mr. Goldberg. I couldn’t agree more. But whatever we might call them, they are throwing a blanket over the cage, assuming that if they ignore certain incendiary stories, then we the people, their alleged audience, we will just obey their obvious superiority and assume as they mandate that these stories are not just inconsequential, but downright non-existent.

Cases in point: the Van Jones “czar” dismissal (following a steady stream of videos documenting the man’s racism and his avowed communism); the two heroic kids taking down Acorn even as we speak by proving the organization will support prostitution, tax evasion and the human trafficking of underage girls; and, of course, coverage of the massive turnout on September 12th of people of all parties, colors and ages who marched on Washington to protest the hijacking of the United States government, the American Dream and the American bank account.

Look to the formerly mainstream media for news on these events and, if you don’t hear the outright chirping of crickets, you’ll find a downplay of the events and shameless derision of the American people. You just have to wonder if the nation’s formerly illustrious journalism schools (Columbia? Northwestern? Where are you?)  – are actually teaching this birdcage technique in class: Ignore the story and the masses will fall in line behind our agenda. Huh? Agenda? Ignoring major news stories? Whatever happened to who, what, when, where and why?

Because I don’t happen to live in a birdcage and thus don’t believe that a blanket means bedtime, I easily located actual footage and images of the march on Washington elsewhere. As did plenty of other Americans, as the formerly mainstream media ratings can attest. And given those images, despite what one so-called journalist was reporting on one of those formerly mainstream sites, I didn’t for a moment believe his statement that only about 1,000 people had shown up on Pennsylvania Avenue (to her credit, neither did the anchor to whom he reported this ridiculous estimate). I also saw the people who attended – those same regular people who showed up for August’s town halls. I heard them speak, saw their signs, witnessed their genuine love of country. Sorry formerly mainstreamers, your agenda reporting….just not worthy of our attention or our time, let alone our belief. I just wish you would present material more worthy of your own vocation, your own training, your own classic traditions that used to mean something.

If we are currently enmeshed in a world where our government sadly misunderstands and dismisses the American people, the same can and should be said of the media to whom these same Americans once looked for news and information. I don’t know when and why it happened, but they have consciously turned their responsibilities over to the likes of 20-something film-school activists who are doing the necessary investigations, and for all the right reasons. Meanwhile the formerly mainstreamers spend their time promoting and covering for a left-wing government intent on destroying the very Americans they hope to see pick up a daily paper or turn on channel 2 or 4 every night at 6:00. What are they thinking?

I suppose the only answer is that there are some backroom meetings going on where government representatives are meeting with these so-called journalists, promising them that if they help further the agenda of an administration they never vetted, they will reap that administration’s ultimate rewards: solid gold health care for life; managerial positions in the Bureau of Propaganda, private-jet travel on demand, a fleet of SUVs in the garage, and an endless supply of Kobe beef and high-fructose corn syrup. Like I said: the only possible answer.

What the formerly mainstreamers don’t understand is that we in the perceived birdcage, we have access both to large-screen TVs and computers in the birdcage – copies of the Constitution are in there, too, by the way — and no towel, no blanket in the world can block those out. We resident birds have made that abundantly clear. Sorry to burst your bubble, formerly mainstreamers. With or without the blanket, as the great Ronald Reagan said back in better days, “It’s morning in America.” And we don’t intend to sleep in.

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