Letterman: Sorry, Can’t Do It

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September 21, 2009 | Comments

Letterman just started. I guess after droning on and on over the last few days on television, the President still hasn’t lost his voice, so he is able to make his appearance on Letterman after all. I guess I should watch it.

Okay, I’m getting through the monologue. So far it has all gone just as predicted: a bunch of flat one-liners, sprinkled with “jokes” about Sarah Palin and George Bush (only the John McCain jab took me by surprise. How timely. How hilarious).

David tells us that President Bush never came on the show because he was too busy not working. More hilarity. Gotta wonder who writes this stuff. Apparently someone who doesn’t realize that most presidents would consider such an appearance unbecoming of the office of leader of the free world. I used to be a fan, so I know that way back in the day Dave was actually funny. I keep waiting for a nugget of humor in this monologue. Never happens.

Now David is talking about a heart-shaped potato from Missouri. He segues quickly to the moment we have all been waiting for: the grand entrance of the President. Here comes the predicted, and oh-so-euphoric, standing ovation. And look, there he is: the leader of the United States of America! He struts over to Dave. He waves to the huddled masses. He is so regal. So imperial. Oh-so-hip (and oh-so-unpresidential). He asks to see the heart-shaped potato….

And I’m out.

I tried. Can’t do it. Sorry. I’m off to Fox News. Or the Flintstones. Or Friends, I Love Lucy, Fraiser….anything….ah, Spongebob….perfect. Free at last. And with that, I bid you a good night, free of slobbering, interview-induced nightmares.

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