Doctors in the Rose Garden

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October 7, 2009 | Comments

Another day, another ridiculous spectacle — this one in the White House Rose Garden.

It truly has become laughable the lengths to which this administration will go in its lame attempts to provide inauthentic visual images to a public it perceives as doddering fools. On Monday, the handful of doctors who supported the President in the 2008 election were invited to bask in the golden words of the endless campaigner who is the U.S. President, as he once again discussed the glory of nationalized health care.

But in what was yet another shameless and highly choreographed photo-op, some of these doctors dared to show up without their white lab coats! Without these props, how would we doddering fools know that these were indeed doctors? Not to worry. This savvy administration was, as always, prepared for such a disaster. Without a hint of shame, cameras rolling, representatives strolled through the rows of physicians anxiously awaiting the arrival of the great one, and handed out white coats to the delinquents. Now all would appear uniform both in support and appearance. How very sad and pathetic that the practitioners actually obeyed the commandment. At least I saw an expression of shame on a face or two – if not any outright refusals to comply.

This was, as always, a handpicked audience, designed to inspire in us idiot huddled masses the realization that “look, the doctors support the health-care-reform plan, so we should, too!” Note to the White House: You still don’t understand that we the people are not nearly as stupid as you think we are. Many of us are, however, perplexed. We are perplexed that there are even a handful of doctors who do support you and your plans to gut the greatest health-care system on the planet. I have yet to find one.

While we were told to assume that this particular bunch gathered in the Rose Garden on Monday support this President’s policies, we can also assume that the gathering did not include the radiologists the President has accused of performing unnecessary diagnostic tests (even on patients for whom such tests mean early diagnosis and, thus, perhaps life or death). Or the endocrinologists he has accused of treating diabetes incorrectly and without any emphasis on nutrition. Or the surgeons he has accused of greedily and unnecessarily amputating the feet of diabetics to soak those patients of more money.

Or remember when the President accused pediatricians of ordering unnecessary tonsillectomies for children simply to enrich their checkbooks? Methinks those doctors weren’t represented in this crowd either. When the President made this comment some months back, that proved to me not only that he has probably never taken a child to a pediatrician and come to know these specialists’ devotion to their patients, but also that he is obviously ignorant about the great campaign parents must launch to have those tonsils removed.

Moms out there: I trust you know what I’m talking about here. Sometimes this surgery is the only remedy to ending a child’s chronic sore throats, fevers and missed school days. Despite what the President said from his ivory tower on Mt. Olympus, we in the trenches of the real world know that nowadays, because of policies in place that actually mirror those the President supports, you have to move mountains to get this surgery approved. My family was blessed several years ago when faced with this dilemma, to have a pediatrician and a pediatric surgeon (it’s the surgeon who actually performs the surgery, Mr. President) who were willing to move that mountain for us quickly, before too many antibiotics had been pumped into our little one’s body (the President’s preferred remedy; though again, Mr. President, just so you know: Plenty of us moms and dads prefer to keep medications to a minimum).

Needless to say, I didn’t see our very dedicated family pediatrician or our wonderfully skilled surgeon sitting in the Rose Garden on Monday. Nor did I expect to. They have too much self respect as parents and as physicians to lower themselves so.

Betsy Siino | Comments