A Wake-Up Call for the GOP

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November 2, 2009 | Comments

This past weekend Dede Scozzafava, bonafide liberal RINO candidate in upstate New York’s 23rd congressional district, withdrew from her race, ostensibly because she had no chance against bonafide conservative Doug Hoffman. Because she carried an “R” next to her name, the GOP leadership had thrown their support behind her. A big mistake, they know now.

As we know, conservatives haven’t been towing the republican party line of late. While the likes of Newt and Steele were endorsing the “Republican” on the New York 23rd ticket and telling conservative critics of their actions to butt out, conservatives coast to coast were supporting Ms. Scozzafava’s conservative opponent – and putting their money where their endorsements were. Loud-mouthed GrizzlyMoms Sarah and Michele, Fred, Sean, Rush and Laura led the charge, and conservative Mr. Hoffman’s numbers soared. Exit Ms. Sozzafava, who immediately threw her support behind, you guessed it, the liberal democrat.

GOP leader Steele, Newt and too many other party liners are feeling understandably foolish at this point, but are they finally getting the message? What the GOP has failed to recognize is that American conservatism has taken on a life of its own. In the wake of the election of the most radically liberal President in our young history, America’s sleeping giant has awakened and is not at all concerned with party labels.

It appears this sleeping giant embraces the U.S. Constitution and Ronald Reagan’s ideals of American exceptionalism, opportunity and liberty. And it appears said giant has much to teach those GOPers who are now in full-on damage-control mode. First, time to acknowledge what so many of us have known all along: This isn’t about democrats and republicans. This is about liberals and conservatives, liberty and tyranny, fascism and capitalism. For months now the conservatives have smacked down the GOP mainstream in a grand old effort that I personally hope will get the party of Lincoln and Reagan back to the roots of their Grand Old Party.

It’s all part of the very natural progression that began during last summer’s town-hall meetings and September 12’s march on Washington, fueled by angry Americans of all stripes who don’t care to see their country, their Constitution, and their children’s futures forsaken and shredded. The recent events in upstate New York are simply the next organic step in the town-hall/tea-party phenomenon that began last summer.

Contrary to accusations hurled by the mainstream media, none of this was created by party machines, lobbyists or right-wing media. Not possible. This phenomenon springs only from an enviably pure and organic source: the voices and passions of the people themselves, the same source that fostered the founding of our country more than two centuries ago. The voice of the people made it so then and now, and there is a very good chance that despite liberal and GOP efforts to the contrary, it cannot, it will not, be stopped.

We’ve heard plenty of crowing about the tsunami that may await the democrats come election day, 2010. Given the New York shakeup, and similar election upsets that could occur in New Jersey and Virginia tomorrow, the storm could be manifesting earlier than expected. Good thing. This gives the GOP’s more misguided “leaders” plenty of time to correct the temporary insanity that has inexplicably led them to imitate rather than oppose liberal forces — and plenty of time to earn back the trust of voters who have made it clear they are Americans first, party members second. Just listen. The voice of the people will bring us home.

Betsy Siino | Comments