And So It Begins…

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November 4, 2009 | Comments

I thought I would have to stay up late last night to catch the election results. I didn’t.

I thought there would be an immediate call for a recount in New Jersey. There wasn’t.

I imagined the President would watch the election results. We hear he didn’t. Makes sense. He claims he prefers insulation, allegedly never paying any mind to Reverend Wright, the Tea Party crowds in Washington, our soldiers at the front. I gotta say, though, I prefer my Presidents, my Commanders-in-Chief, to be a bit more aware of what is being said and done around them.

For those of us who are aware, how refreshing it was on this, the first anniversary of the election/anointment of our insulated President, to see those election results roll in. To see a conservative win Virginia in a landslide and celebrate his win with a speech that evoked the Founding Fathers, free enterprise, hard work, opportunity and the Constitution. And to see, miracle of miracles, New Jersey, one of the bluest of states, go for a republican governor!

Of course as predicted – indeed I could have written the script myself – the White House and its friends and its mainstream media buds chose to ignore the tsunamis that were the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races (a republican in New Jersey!? Seriously!?), sanitizing it by claiming they were not all that concerned with such insignificant “state elections.” Nice try.

And as expected, the left chose to focus on – and celebrate — the congressional race in New York, district 23 (as detailed in my previous post of November 2nd). A great victory, we hear. I beg to differ. Though I would have liked to see the underdog conservative win in New York 23, the significance of this race was not its outcome, but its symbolism as a smackdown to the mainstream republican party. District 23 was a warning to the GOP that conservatives will not tolerate liberals masquerading as “moderate republicans” and the mainstream GOP that endorses them. We all know there would have been no shred of difference between the so-called republican who stepped down at the last minute (and – surprise, surprise — endorsed the democrat), and that democrat who ultimately won.

 And as predicted, the Dems in D.C. and in America’s ivory-encrusted newsrooms hooted with glee that Sarah Palin’s endorsed candidate, heretofore virtually unknown Doug Hoffman, lost, so, nyah, nyah, nyah, she obviously has no power, no credibility, no punch. Of course they also conveniently ignored the President’s vigorous campaigning for the defeated democrats – particularly his guy in blue New Jersey. Such omissions simply fortify how utterly devastating this election was for this media and its White House – and how absolutely terrified they continue to be of Sarah Palin.

I got up this morning to review the pundits, and again, no surprises. Fox News gave last night’s results full-court – and yes, fair and balanced — press. Indeed it was here I learned from Madam Pelosi and David Axelrod that last night was a huge victory for the democrats and the White House (though both had a little trouble looking directly into the cameras as they made these statements).

I then gathered my courage and ventured over to MSNBC to see how their morning gang was taking the results. I found them discussing with great earnest the latest on Carrie Prejean. Back to Fox News for actual election coverage. Gave it a little while, then back to MSNBC, where I was treated to a discussion on Poland’s next move in Afghanistan. Okaaayyy….back to Fox News for me. Knowing of course that MSNBC would have to cover the election sometime, I waited until the top of the hour to return to them. They covered it alright, launching their presentation with a joke about the size of New Jersey’s governor-elect. With that, I left and never went back.

So yes, it was a great comfort to shut the lights last night, knowing that the stage has been set, convinced once more that Americans are fed up and aren’t going to take it anymore, even going so far as to elect a republican in New Jersey. Last night America told us that though many may have cast “feel-good” votes one year ago, the vast, vast majority did not cast those votes for socialism, fascism or communism. They did not vote to have their rights, their Constitution and their health care shredded. They did not vote to abandon our troops, and they did not vote to have their government taken over by czars or to turn private industry over to government ownership. Last night those with the opportunity to do so sent a message that began last summer at the town halls. And because I know my country, I am not a bit surprised.

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