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November 7, 2009 | Comments

It’s almost midnight. Less than one hour ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass what many believe (and some hope) will prove to be the first step of the United States of America, the last great hope of man on Earth, toward socialism (and whatever God-forsaken nightmare lies beyond that). They waited until almost midnight on a Saturday when there was very little critical news media on guard to watch and broadcast what they were doing. That was the plan, of course, a plan that itself exposes their own understanding that this was a blatant violation of the wishes of the American people.

Tonight they took a vote to seize even more control of this great nation and her people. Tonight they voted to sentence those people to a nationalized health-care system that promises not only to decimate us and our country financially, but also to destroy the greatest, most innovative, most compassionate health-care system on the planet. But health care was secondary to what they sought to achieve. By controlling health care, they control the people and the most intimate details of their lives. At the same time, those who did the sentencing won’t have to participate in this 2,000-page monstrosity that most haven’t even read. Their Cadillac coverage remains intact. Let us eat cake.

So now, because I am awake at midnight and well aware of what had happened, to every one of those representatives who voted for this abomination, I say:

Tonight you sentenced every child in America to years and years of punishing debt, simply adding to what you have already thrust upon them through similarly despicable acts. In other words, tonight you launched a full-on attack on our children, and, as you would know if you have ever ventured into the wilderness of Montana or Alaska, grizzly families do not take that lightly.

Tonight, dear representative, you attacked our doctors, the best in the world (just ask your dictator friends). Tonight you attacked the medical students and ensured that care will be rationed for all. And yes, tonight you voted to ensure that illegal aliens will receive the health care they deserve for so cleverly defying our laws to enter our country without legal authority. You claim this will not happen. You lie.

Tonight you voted to send those who are elderly, ill and infirm out to pasture – but of course not without benefit of the blue pill.

Tonight you swore publicly your allegiance to a cluster of people who boast in common not only incompetence and a complete lack of professional and real-America experience, but also their admiration for communist and fascist leaders and a belief that America is the root of all evil.

Tonight you stand at your podium post-vote with your plastic smiles and your words of celebration. You stand there laughing at the American people, but you seem a bit nervous, a bit jittery, to me. You know what you did. You know we don’t want this. And all can say is: Be careful what you wish for. You seem to have forgotten that this is America, not Europe or all those other nations you value so much higher than your own. You seem to have forgotten that we don’t roll over and succumb to our government’s every whim. You seem to have forgotten that the vast majority of us believe in our Constitution and the blood that has been shed to preserve our liberty.

And, most puzzling, you seem to have forgotten the election results of only four days ago.

Tonight, dear representative, you confirmed for us all what we already knew: that you will ignore and disregard the will of the people who you were sworn to represent – not to mention the sanctity of a country you were sworn to protect. You confirmed for us all that you will without hesitation ignore and disregard the Constitution of the United States and your fellow Americans, who have in vast and passionate numbers expressed to you their opposition to this bill and their commitment to destroy it.

Indeed with your actions tonight, dear representative, you have ignited that will, that passion and that commitment into an inferno. You have now officially awakened the sleeping giant. Come to think of it, then, dear representative, perhaps we should be thanking you for that.

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    BRAVO ! Well said~