Thank You, President Bush

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November 8, 2009 | Comments

It’s been a busy week. From the bright shining moment of election day, to the devastating events at Fort Hood, to the  congressional coup on Saturday, I am personally ready for a new week to begin.

But just as we bid this week goodbye, I learn that our former President Bush and his lovely wife quietly made an appearance this week, as well, and that somehow ends it for me on a high note. Without need of fanfare, teleprompters or photographers, our former President, who during his tenure never shied away from his commitment to keeping us safe – and who, I am quite certain, does not consider the Fort Hood shooter a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder — paid his respects to the victims of the Fort Hood massacre.

Apparently President Bush and the former First Lady visited the survivors at Fort Hood’s Darnall Army Medical Center on Friday night, no doubt greeting them with the same genuine respect and concern with which they always regarded our troops. Meanwhile it seems the current President (who also happens to be the current Commander-in-Chief), was too busy threatening and cajoling congress into shoving the horrific “health-care reform” bill down the collective throats of an American people who want nothing to do with it. We all have our priorities.

 So tonight I thank President Bush and his beautiful Laura for reminding us during this parched and difficult time of the definition and spirit of the word “presidential.” And the word “American.” And the words “human being.” We miss you, sir. I have a feeling your troops miss you, too. It’s a safe bet their moms do. Many thanks for being there for them. Many thanks for being there for us.

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