Keep Thinking That Way, Guys!

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November 9, 2009| Comments

It seems that yet again the left has plenty of advice for the GOP.

Ignoring their own plummeting circulations, muckety-mucks at both Time and Newsweek have warned the GOP that they had better get their act together and ignore the nut-job right-wing extremists out there who dare to oppose the President that they – Time and Newsweek – and all their media comrades have worked to so hard to elect and fortify. Joining the chorus – and also in ratings peril — are Katie Couric and her counterparts from the network and (non-Fox) cable news world.

And now we hear from democratic congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who, in addition to blasting the GOP for viewing women as inferior to men, has told POLITICO that strong women like republican congresswoman Michelle Bachmann don’t “attract women to the party….I think they repulse women.”

And that just leaves women like me, and thousands of others like me, laughing our way to the polling booth.

What so many on the left fail to realize – or choose not to realize – is that what has been happening on the right since November, 2008, has nothing to do with the GOP. The issue here is conservatism, which is a belief system, not a party. And yes, conservatives, who can be found in any political party, are currently in the process of informing the GOP that they need to stop acting like liberals. They made this quite clear in last week’s elections, both at the gubernatorial level and at small local elections throughout the country.

But with more and more people nationwide – including those precious independents – identifying themselves as conservatives, this issue is far too frightening for left-wing media and government pundits to address. So they do what they always do: Criticize the GOP and vilify uppity conservative women.

For some reason, they think this tactic works for them. Fine, keep it up, I say. They will probably never recognize that they are simply exposing to us, their opposition, just how desperate and fearful they have become. So yes, keep it up. We love to hear it.   

Simply put, liberal women remain fixated on a victim mentality (without it, they, and all liberals, would be out of a job), and their belief in the inherent despicable and evil natures of men and America. Meanwhile the voices of conservative women are becoming some of the most powerful in the country. Rather than “repulsing” right-minded women – and men, too –women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and so many others, both in and away from the public eye, are energizing the American spirit, celebrating a conservative power fueled by independence, integrity, creativity and family bonds – and all with a positive outlook and a sense of humor. What sad creatures are the women who would find this “repulsive.”

Though efforts were made to silence them, conservatives, men and women alike, raised their voices during the summer’s town halls, on September 12th, and on election day last week. And it’s only the beginning.

So go on, keep dismissing us as GOP right-wing extremists. But remember: Misidentify your opponent, and you just make that opponent stronger.

Betsy Siino | Comments