A Pelosi Christmas Carol

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November 13, 2009 | Comments

Remember last summer when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi hurled insults at the moms and dads and grandparents who assembled at the nation’s town-hall meetings to voice their opposition to the monstrous health-care bill being jammed down the throats of the American public by Pelosi and her gang of thieves? And remember last week when the theft hit a crescendo with the sneaky Saturday-night health-care vote spearheaded by these people? I’m sure you do.

And I’m sure you remember how the bill barely squeaked by the House membership, only to be cheered with much fanfare by the Speaker and her gang as they crowed about their victory. And in doing so, said Speaker sneered at the American people, telling them with her self-satisfied smirk, “See, I did it anyway!”

Now, several days later, the Speaker has refined her message somewhat, perhaps hoping to make it a bit more palatable to the ignorant masses that make her life so difficult, promising us that the health-care bill now awaiting Senate approval, will be passed.  Even better, she tells us it will pass by Christmas, as a wonderful present for the American people.

Well isn’t that just a holly jolly cup of comfort and joy.

Does this woman truly believe, as she stands before us all jittery and blinky and shrill, that this Christmas promise will be celebrated with holiday cheer by the vast majority of Americans? How many times do we have to say it, shout it, and trumpet it from the rooftops: We don’t want her plan, or any plan, that mandates socialization of our health-care system, rations care, decimates us financially, subjects our citizens to bureaucratic evaluations of their most personal issues, and earmarks billions of dollars for the care of people who enter our country illegally. End of story.

Now I hate to fling a Scrooge dart in the heart of Madam Pelosi’s Christmas cheer (well, not really), but her comments also raise another prickly issue. Methinks she needs to be very careful about using such words as “Christmas” when discussing a government-drenched issue like socialized medicine. Have you forgotten, dear lady, that thou shalt never breach the granite wall between church and state? Dangerous ground you tread there. You want the ACLU on your tail?

Yet I sense a loophole. Given the Speaker’s words, are we to assume that those who don’t celebrate Christmas have the right to opt out of this monstrosity? Have they the right to decline the gift? If so, I’m in. My family will gladly celebrate our Christmas secretly and quietly within the privacy of our own home, and we won’t let the obedient minions who pledge allegiance to the Speaker and her President know. Let’s all do that. I won’t tell if you won’t.

Still, given her cavalier use of the “C” word, you just have to wonder why this woman would go out of her way to threaten us with the destruction of our Christmas spirit during this joyous time of year. Perhaps she needs to be reminded of the true nature of that spirit, as Christmas is a time of charity and generosity, not extortion mandated or legislated by government. The spirit of Christmas rests in voluntary charitable works and good will, not in robbing the haves to hand out to chosen have-nots against the haves’ will.

Next Madam Pelosi will using some of that excess stimulous money to commission an author to rewrite A Christmas Carol with the new addition of a public option for Tiny Tim. Scrooge won’t have to learn a lesson, and the ghosts can take Christmas Eve off, because the tiny waif will have a Pelosi or a Reid or a Shumer or an Obama looking after him. And just imagine the justice of it all. Filthy rich Mr. Scrooge will be footing the bill, and everyone will live happily ever after.

But no, sorry, I have to say this Christmas junkie and her family isn’t interested in the new and improved rewrite. We’ll just ho ahead and stick with the original Dickens version and its inherent lesson-learning conflicts that have made it legendary to families all over the world (even to those that don’t happen to celebrate Christmas). Thanks anyway, Madam Scrooge. And God bless us everyone…

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