Watching Them Squirm – Part 2

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November 18, 2009 | Comments
I caught Andrea Mitchell and that morning blond on MSNBC this morning. Their subject: Sarah Palin, of course.

They did seem to give it their best effort, and that couldn’t have been easy for them. Surrounded by their male cronies who, wisely, remained pretty quiet, they fought through the twin sneers on their faces, spitting and choking out words that said in effect that yeah, she is selling a bunch of books and yeah, lots of people are lining up to see her, and…yeah…yeah…okay…whatever. Though it seemed elephants were standing on their chests, they did get the words out eventually. Gotta give them credit for that.

But I won’t give them credit for their overall coverage. When they weren’t showing us the people, sometimes thousands of people, lined up to see Sarah and/or buy her book, they turned their cameras on regular people among them who unabashedly gushed that they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the book and read it (because yes, regular people do know how to read, ladies).

On its face, this coverage seemed innocent enough, but we are far too familiar with the sensibilities of those behind that coverage (“consider the source”), revealed in their arrogant commentator smirks. Once again they came at it hobbled by a severe misunderstanding of the regular oh-so-pathetic-and-inferior American people out here, who, frankly, probably weren’t watching them anyway. And again they underestimate us. What they don’t understand, is that when they laugh at Sarah and cackle about her intellect or lack thereof, when they roll their eyes in response to an effusive older woman buying the book in Alaska, or an ebullient gentleman doing the same in Michigan – we know they are actually laughing at us.

 And we don’t really care for that.

While these women — and the men who are afraid not to agree with them — sneer and spit and spin within the confines of their insulated studios, the regular people of America are sending Sarah’s book through the stratosphere in sales and attention. Indeed as we have witnessed since Sarah Palin’s name was introduced as a VP Candidate in 2008, she has clearly driven them insane.

And Sarah just smiles. Unlike shrill Hill, who would spit and cry and screech in the face of adversity (much of it self-made by either herself or her husband), Sarah grins and says bring it on. She is secure in what she believes, she is genuine in her love for America and her people, and she knows that those people, the regular people, won’t be manipulated by threats and tears and talk of doom and gloom.

And that is why the left is running scared. As Shakespeare wrote, “Methinks thou doth protest too much.” Four centuries later, we are witnessing a left wing living those words, telling us with their ear-splitting howls of protest just how terrified they are of Sarah — and, perhaps, by extension, of us.

Betsy Siino | Comments