Unspeakable Comments to Our Troops — And Their Parents

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November 19, 2009 | Comments

He is shameless.  The man is absolutely shameless.  Now it is confirmed: He has no conscience, and, frankly, I have to believe, no soul. There is a word in psychiatry for this, but that’s for another time.

For now, my concern is for our troops and for their parents. During the President’s whistle stop in South Korea this week as part of whatever this trip of his was to Asia, he addressed 1500 troops assembled at Osan Air Base. As he boarded Air Force One, he gleefully quipped:

“You guys make a pretty good photo-op.”

But he didn’t stop there. He then told them he would be giving them a raise (and we know he always keeps his promises). Receiving precisely the response he had planned with that comment, he chortled:

“That’s what you call an applause line.”

This man is a disgrace.

In October, the President’s supporters blasted anyone who called his salute to the fallen troops being returned home at Dover Air Force Base a photo-op. Well, the critics of those photos have now been vindicated, haven’t they? We all know now, from the President’s own mouth, what was going through his head at that moment as he stood there with his hand at his forehead. It had nothing to do with heroes and courage and loss and sacrifice, and everything to do with images, campaigns and cameras (he would not have shown up without the cameras). In other words, it had everything to do with him and only him.

And now this. He lets the troops know precisely what he is thinking. He tells them point blank that he is using them. He jokes. He laughs. And should they be those who come home one day in flag-draped caskets, he’ll be there, too. For the photo-op.

All you military moms out there, all you military dads….how are you feeling right now? This man just admitted to the world that he is using your sons and your daughters for his own selfish and indecent purposes. Dead or alive, they are quite useful to him. Indeed if they are among those who end up giving their lives for their country, all the better.

And our troops, the thousands of men and women who are our heroes. I understand that he is your Commander-in-Chief, but please, see through the bluster, the dithering, the choreography. I am confident you do. You’re too smart for him. He not only uses you, he underestimates you. He underestimates us all.

Betsy Siino | Comments