While We Were Sleeping

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November 10, 2009 | Comments

On September 11, 2001, we were sleeping. And on September 11, 2001, we were attacked. As never before.

When we emerged from the fog, we entered our new world. We were changed. For a while. Some forever. We spoke of good and evil. We embraced our flag. And we were changed. For a while. Or forever.

But so were we told to relax. To close our eyes. To sleep. Like toddlers at bedtime. It will be okay, they said. We’ll take care of it. We will embrace them. Accept them. Be civilized. And they will forgive us. Just watch.

So we were. Civilized. And our country, she closed her eyes. Civilized. Yes, we were at war. Yes, some meant us harm – 3,000 souls attest to that. But they aren’t all that way, we were told. Still, those that aren’t didn’t speak up. Yet we knew, we were told, they aren’t all that way. So we weren’t to speak up either. Civilized, remember? Tolerant. Be that. Close your eyes. Sleep.

And while we were sleeping, they took hold. Eight years. They knew we were sleeping and they used it. More attacks came. Even more were thwarted. We weren’t told of those, but we found out anyway. And still we heard time and again: lone gunman, no affiliations, no suspicions. We said very little. We remained civilized. Quiet. Sleeping. They aren’t all that way. Close your eyes. Sleep. Many did.

But even more of us didn’t.

Like toddlers at bedtime, we watched, as though spying down the stairs, listening to mom and dad at the kitchen table. We heard a truth we knew already. In our hearts, we knew the truth, which always finds its way.

Some of us spoke of what we knew. What we saw. What we believed. They called us names. But still we would not sleep.

And now it happens again. Eight years later. And our soldiers took the bullet. On our own sacred ground. And again, those who are civilized tell us we are wrong. They tell us to relax. To sleep. Like toddlers at bedtime. It will be okay, they say. They aren’t all that way. And they won’t say the words. They hide behind “stress.” They hide behind “trauma.” They won’t say the words, even when honoring the dead. Again they tell us to tolerate. To sleep. To trust.

But we say no. We will not listen. We have seen our people die. Then.  And now. Many of us said no then. Even more of us say it now.

And again they call us names. But our pledge is to the truth, which always finds its way. And now, this time, even more stand with us. We will not sleep. We will listen to what is true, as it always finds its way. And we will trust those who live with honor, who love our country and our children. Those who took the bullet. And those who will. For us and for our children. Those who will say the words. Those who will not sleep.

They know we do not sleep either. Not this time. For as we have learned, far too much can harm us and our children, far too much can harm our country, while we are sleeping.

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Keep Thinking That Way, Guys!

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November 9, 2009| Comments

It seems that yet again the left has plenty of advice for the GOP.

Ignoring their own plummeting circulations, muckety-mucks at both Time and Newsweek have warned the GOP that they had better get their act together and ignore the nut-job right-wing extremists out there who dare to oppose the President that they – Time and Newsweek – and all their media comrades have worked to so hard to elect and fortify. Joining the chorus – and also in ratings peril — are Katie Couric and her counterparts from the network and (non-Fox) cable news world.

And now we hear from democratic congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who, in addition to blasting the GOP for viewing women as inferior to men, has told POLITICO that strong women like republican congresswoman Michelle Bachmann don’t “attract women to the party….I think they repulse women.”

And that just leaves women like me, and thousands of others like me, laughing our way to the polling booth.

What so many on the left fail to realize – or choose not to realize – is that what has been happening on the right since November, 2008, has nothing to do with the GOP. The issue here is conservatism, which is a belief system, not a party. And yes, conservatives, who can be found in any political party, are currently in the process of informing the GOP that they need to stop acting like liberals. They made this quite clear in last week’s elections, both at the gubernatorial level and at small local elections throughout the country.

But with more and more people nationwide – including those precious independents – identifying themselves as conservatives, this issue is far too frightening for left-wing media and government pundits to address. So they do what they always do: Criticize the GOP and vilify uppity conservative women.

For some reason, they think this tactic works for them. Fine, keep it up, I say. They will probably never recognize that they are simply exposing to us, their opposition, just how desperate and fearful they have become. So yes, keep it up. We love to hear it.   

Simply put, liberal women remain fixated on a victim mentality (without it, they, and all liberals, would be out of a job), and their belief in the inherent despicable and evil natures of men and America. Meanwhile the voices of conservative women are becoming some of the most powerful in the country. Rather than “repulsing” right-minded women – and men, too –women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann and so many others, both in and away from the public eye, are energizing the American spirit, celebrating a conservative power fueled by independence, integrity, creativity and family bonds – and all with a positive outlook and a sense of humor. What sad creatures are the women who would find this “repulsive.”

Though efforts were made to silence them, conservatives, men and women alike, raised their voices during the summer’s town halls, on September 12th, and on election day last week. And it’s only the beginning.

So go on, keep dismissing us as GOP right-wing extremists. But remember: Misidentify your opponent, and you just make that opponent stronger.

Betsy Siino | Comments

Thank You, President Bush

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November 8, 2009 | Comments

It’s been a busy week. From the bright shining moment of election day, to the devastating events at Fort Hood, to the  congressional coup on Saturday, I am personally ready for a new week to begin.

But just as we bid this week goodbye, I learn that our former President Bush and his lovely wife quietly made an appearance this week, as well, and that somehow ends it for me on a high note. Without need of fanfare, teleprompters or photographers, our former President, who during his tenure never shied away from his commitment to keeping us safe – and who, I am quite certain, does not consider the Fort Hood shooter a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder — paid his respects to the victims of the Fort Hood massacre.

Apparently President Bush and the former First Lady visited the survivors at Fort Hood’s Darnall Army Medical Center on Friday night, no doubt greeting them with the same genuine respect and concern with which they always regarded our troops. Meanwhile it seems the current President (who also happens to be the current Commander-in-Chief), was too busy threatening and cajoling congress into shoving the horrific “health-care reform” bill down the collective throats of an American people who want nothing to do with it. We all have our priorities.

 So tonight I thank President Bush and his beautiful Laura for reminding us during this parched and difficult time of the definition and spirit of the word “presidential.” And the word “American.” And the words “human being.” We miss you, sir. I have a feeling your troops miss you, too. It’s a safe bet their moms do. Many thanks for being there for them. Many thanks for being there for us.

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220 to 215

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November 7, 2009 | Comments

It’s almost midnight. Less than one hour ago, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass what many believe (and some hope) will prove to be the first step of the United States of America, the last great hope of man on Earth, toward socialism (and whatever God-forsaken nightmare lies beyond that). They waited until almost midnight on a Saturday when there was very little critical news media on guard to watch and broadcast what they were doing. That was the plan, of course, a plan that itself exposes their own understanding that this was a blatant violation of the wishes of the American people.

Tonight they took a vote to seize even more control of this great nation and her people. Tonight they voted to sentence those people to a nationalized health-care system that promises not only to decimate us and our country financially, but also to destroy the greatest, most innovative, most compassionate health-care system on the planet. But health care was secondary to what they sought to achieve. By controlling health care, they control the people and the most intimate details of their lives. At the same time, those who did the sentencing won’t have to participate in this 2,000-page monstrosity that most haven’t even read. Their Cadillac coverage remains intact. Let us eat cake.

So now, because I am awake at midnight and well aware of what had happened, to every one of those representatives who voted for this abomination, I say:

Tonight you sentenced every child in America to years and years of punishing debt, simply adding to what you have already thrust upon them through similarly despicable acts. In other words, tonight you launched a full-on attack on our children, and, as you would know if you have ever ventured into the wilderness of Montana or Alaska, grizzly families do not take that lightly.

Tonight, dear representative, you attacked our doctors, the best in the world (just ask your dictator friends). Tonight you attacked the medical students and ensured that care will be rationed for all. And yes, tonight you voted to ensure that illegal aliens will receive the health care they deserve for so cleverly defying our laws to enter our country without legal authority. You claim this will not happen. You lie.

Tonight you voted to send those who are elderly, ill and infirm out to pasture – but of course not without benefit of the blue pill.

Tonight you swore publicly your allegiance to a cluster of people who boast in common not only incompetence and a complete lack of professional and real-America experience, but also their admiration for communist and fascist leaders and a belief that America is the root of all evil.

Tonight you stand at your podium post-vote with your plastic smiles and your words of celebration. You stand there laughing at the American people, but you seem a bit nervous, a bit jittery, to me. You know what you did. You know we don’t want this. And all can say is: Be careful what you wish for. You seem to have forgotten that this is America, not Europe or all those other nations you value so much higher than your own. You seem to have forgotten that we don’t roll over and succumb to our government’s every whim. You seem to have forgotten that the vast majority of us believe in our Constitution and the blood that has been shed to preserve our liberty.

And, most puzzling, you seem to have forgotten the election results of only four days ago.

Tonight, dear representative, you confirmed for us all what we already knew: that you will ignore and disregard the will of the people who you were sworn to represent – not to mention the sanctity of a country you were sworn to protect. You confirmed for us all that you will without hesitation ignore and disregard the Constitution of the United States and your fellow Americans, who have in vast and passionate numbers expressed to you their opposition to this bill and their commitment to destroy it.

Indeed with your actions tonight, dear representative, you have ignited that will, that passion and that commitment into an inferno. You have now officially awakened the sleeping giant. Come to think of it, then, dear representative, perhaps we should be thanking you for that.

Betsy Siino | Comments

Texas Aftermath

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November 6, 2009 | Comments

We know more now than we did yesterday afternoon when it was announced that a number of people had been killed and injured at Fort Hood Army Base in Texas. The original story held that there were presumed to be three, possibly more, shooters. They tell us now it was a lone gunman of Middle Eastern descent, an army psychiatrist, a colonel, and a Muslim, who was soon to be deployed to the Middle East and was allegedly not happy about it. And they tell us that he is still alive.

Within hours, the usual suspects in the media – no doubt responding to the alleged religious affiliation of the shooter – were making valiant efforts to control the damage, informing us that this was an obvious case of post-traumatic stress disorder. Given that the alleged perpetrator had never been deployed, this brilliant media diagnosis quickly became a punchline. I’m sorry, we just don’t have the patience for this anymore. This time, we are not tolerating even a hint of the political correct mindset that – by overlooking the threatening, suspicious comments this shooter has allegedly made about his country, the war and his religious beliefs — probably contributed to this terrible event. So take your amateur psychology to a more receptive elsewhere – to the White House perhaps.

No, the rest of us see this for exactly what it is: a terrorist attack and nothing but a terrorist attack. To refer to it as anything less, to offer the alleged perpetrator an agenda-riddled excuse for his heinous acts, is to insult and degrade the people who have died by his hand, as well as the American heroes who stopped him.

Also disgraceful was the President’s immediate response, which was preceded by his first stroking a crowd of bureaucrats in keeping with his original PR-stop plan that afternoon (as we know, this President has a tough time working off script). His poorly arranged response seemingly, but, not all that surprisingly, devoid of any compassion or pain for the victims and this country did not go unnoticed, especially coming as it did after an election that proved truly disastrous for him and his party only days before. He still has not commented on that election, and it was obvious he would have liked to ignore and evade Fort Hood, too.

But most America’s can’t ignore and evade Fort Hood – nor do we care to. We have been swept back to that terrible morning of September 11, 2001, acknowledging another devastating attack on our America, fearing for our loved ones and the loved ones of others, and looking to our country to show the strength and power for which she is legendary. We did it then. We do it now.

While we pray for the victims and their families, we look to the history and the founding documents of our country as the blueprint for traversing the days ahead. Granted there will be plenty who will try and stand in the way, who will tell us that the true perpetrator is the former President of the United States (which has been done already); who will label this a simple case of post-traumatic stress disorder (again, already done); and who will insist this falls under civil, not military jurisdiction (still waiting for that one). No matter. The revisionists can save their breath. We the people just aren’t listening to that anymore.

Betsy Siino | Comments

Prayers for America

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November 5, 2009 | Comments

Another sad day for us all as we mourn the senseless loss of military personnel in Texas. Thoughts and prayers to Fort Hood, to the victims, to their families, and to freedom-loving people everywhere. God Bless the U.S.A.

Betsy Siino | Comments

And So It Begins…

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November 4, 2009 | Comments

I thought I would have to stay up late last night to catch the election results. I didn’t.

I thought there would be an immediate call for a recount in New Jersey. There wasn’t.

I imagined the President would watch the election results. We hear he didn’t. Makes sense. He claims he prefers insulation, allegedly never paying any mind to Reverend Wright, the Tea Party crowds in Washington, our soldiers at the front. I gotta say, though, I prefer my Presidents, my Commanders-in-Chief, to be a bit more aware of what is being said and done around them.

For those of us who are aware, how refreshing it was on this, the first anniversary of the election/anointment of our insulated President, to see those election results roll in. To see a conservative win Virginia in a landslide and celebrate his win with a speech that evoked the Founding Fathers, free enterprise, hard work, opportunity and the Constitution. And to see, miracle of miracles, New Jersey, one of the bluest of states, go for a republican governor!

Of course as predicted – indeed I could have written the script myself – the White House and its friends and its mainstream media buds chose to ignore the tsunamis that were the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial races (a republican in New Jersey!? Seriously!?), sanitizing it by claiming they were not all that concerned with such insignificant “state elections.” Nice try.

And as expected, the left chose to focus on – and celebrate — the congressional race in New York, district 23 (as detailed in my previous post of November 2nd). A great victory, we hear. I beg to differ. Though I would have liked to see the underdog conservative win in New York 23, the significance of this race was not its outcome, but its symbolism as a smackdown to the mainstream republican party. District 23 was a warning to the GOP that conservatives will not tolerate liberals masquerading as “moderate republicans” and the mainstream GOP that endorses them. We all know there would have been no shred of difference between the so-called republican who stepped down at the last minute (and – surprise, surprise — endorsed the democrat), and that democrat who ultimately won.

 And as predicted, the Dems in D.C. and in America’s ivory-encrusted newsrooms hooted with glee that Sarah Palin’s endorsed candidate, heretofore virtually unknown Doug Hoffman, lost, so, nyah, nyah, nyah, she obviously has no power, no credibility, no punch. Of course they also conveniently ignored the President’s vigorous campaigning for the defeated democrats – particularly his guy in blue New Jersey. Such omissions simply fortify how utterly devastating this election was for this media and its White House – and how absolutely terrified they continue to be of Sarah Palin.

I got up this morning to review the pundits, and again, no surprises. Fox News gave last night’s results full-court – and yes, fair and balanced — press. Indeed it was here I learned from Madam Pelosi and David Axelrod that last night was a huge victory for the democrats and the White House (though both had a little trouble looking directly into the cameras as they made these statements).

I then gathered my courage and ventured over to MSNBC to see how their morning gang was taking the results. I found them discussing with great earnest the latest on Carrie Prejean. Back to Fox News for actual election coverage. Gave it a little while, then back to MSNBC, where I was treated to a discussion on Poland’s next move in Afghanistan. Okaaayyy….back to Fox News for me. Knowing of course that MSNBC would have to cover the election sometime, I waited until the top of the hour to return to them. They covered it alright, launching their presentation with a joke about the size of New Jersey’s governor-elect. With that, I left and never went back.

So yes, it was a great comfort to shut the lights last night, knowing that the stage has been set, convinced once more that Americans are fed up and aren’t going to take it anymore, even going so far as to elect a republican in New Jersey. Last night America told us that though many may have cast “feel-good” votes one year ago, the vast, vast majority did not cast those votes for socialism, fascism or communism. They did not vote to have their rights, their Constitution and their health care shredded. They did not vote to abandon our troops, and they did not vote to have their government taken over by czars or to turn private industry over to government ownership. Last night those with the opportunity to do so sent a message that began last summer at the town halls. And because I know my country, I am not a bit surprised.

Betsy Siino | Comments

A Wake-Up Call for the GOP

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November 2, 2009 | Comments

This past weekend Dede Scozzafava, bonafide liberal RINO candidate in upstate New York’s 23rd congressional district, withdrew from her race, ostensibly because she had no chance against bonafide conservative Doug Hoffman. Because she carried an “R” next to her name, the GOP leadership had thrown their support behind her. A big mistake, they know now.

As we know, conservatives haven’t been towing the republican party line of late. While the likes of Newt and Steele were endorsing the “Republican” on the New York 23rd ticket and telling conservative critics of their actions to butt out, conservatives coast to coast were supporting Ms. Scozzafava’s conservative opponent – and putting their money where their endorsements were. Loud-mouthed GrizzlyMoms Sarah and Michele, Fred, Sean, Rush and Laura led the charge, and conservative Mr. Hoffman’s numbers soared. Exit Ms. Sozzafava, who immediately threw her support behind, you guessed it, the liberal democrat.

GOP leader Steele, Newt and too many other party liners are feeling understandably foolish at this point, but are they finally getting the message? What the GOP has failed to recognize is that American conservatism has taken on a life of its own. In the wake of the election of the most radically liberal President in our young history, America’s sleeping giant has awakened and is not at all concerned with party labels.

It appears this sleeping giant embraces the U.S. Constitution and Ronald Reagan’s ideals of American exceptionalism, opportunity and liberty. And it appears said giant has much to teach those GOPers who are now in full-on damage-control mode. First, time to acknowledge what so many of us have known all along: This isn’t about democrats and republicans. This is about liberals and conservatives, liberty and tyranny, fascism and capitalism. For months now the conservatives have smacked down the GOP mainstream in a grand old effort that I personally hope will get the party of Lincoln and Reagan back to the roots of their Grand Old Party.

It’s all part of the very natural progression that began during last summer’s town-hall meetings and September 12’s march on Washington, fueled by angry Americans of all stripes who don’t care to see their country, their Constitution, and their children’s futures forsaken and shredded. The recent events in upstate New York are simply the next organic step in the town-hall/tea-party phenomenon that began last summer.

Contrary to accusations hurled by the mainstream media, none of this was created by party machines, lobbyists or right-wing media. Not possible. This phenomenon springs only from an enviably pure and organic source: the voices and passions of the people themselves, the same source that fostered the founding of our country more than two centuries ago. The voice of the people made it so then and now, and there is a very good chance that despite liberal and GOP efforts to the contrary, it cannot, it will not, be stopped.

We’ve heard plenty of crowing about the tsunami that may await the democrats come election day, 2010. Given the New York shakeup, and similar election upsets that could occur in New Jersey and Virginia tomorrow, the storm could be manifesting earlier than expected. Good thing. This gives the GOP’s more misguided “leaders” plenty of time to correct the temporary insanity that has inexplicably led them to imitate rather than oppose liberal forces — and plenty of time to earn back the trust of voters who have made it clear they are Americans first, party members second. Just listen. The voice of the people will bring us home.

Betsy Siino | Comments