Happy New Year, One Day Late

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January 2, 2010 | Comments

Welcome 2010. Glad to bid farewell to 2009 (I don’t have the energy or the inclination to rehash the reasons, but I know I’m not alone in that), even though I’m doing so here a day late. My delay is not because of delays experienced flying from one coast to the other in the midst of post-terrorist chaos/denial (which, according to this administration, is all George Bush’s fault). Oh, we felt perfectly safe as we watched two wheelchair-bound grandmas in the San Fancisco Bay Area get the full-boar anti-terrorist security treatment. They didn’t at all strike me as would-be believers in Sharia law, but you can’t be too careful now, can you. Dog person that I am, I did love seeing all the dogs on duty, and I thanked them and their handlers for truly keeping us safe.

No, my delay here was not related to homeland security; it was viral and respiratory in nature. Now that I’m on the mend, I look back at this Christmas, this New Year’s, and I have to believe it was different for families all over the country. Our own family visits, despite our best efforts to keep the Christmas in Christmas and avoid certain incendiary topics, did have momentary erruptions into the political arena. As my husband said, this probably happened in households all over the country, despite best efforts to keep the conversation from turning in that direction. Things are running way too hot right now for political neutrality. The palpable fury, sparked at the summer’s tea parties, in Washington, D.C., on September 12th, and coursing through the veins of those Americans who know we are not being represented by our government, that fury just won’t be contained. No matter how we might try.

So now, armed with that fury, we greet the year about which so many have spoken for months: 2010. Despite my own disgust with this administration, this Congress and the blatant disregard for our Constitution, I greet this new year with confidence that the will of our founders and the true spirit of America will prevail. We have no choice but to believe that. The alternative is to see the destruction of our nation, and I will not even give life to such a thought. So happy 2010, America. Thy will be done.

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