Redistribution of Donations

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January 5, 2010 | Comments

I read an article yesterday lamenting the GOP’s lack of funds needed to finance Congressional elections in 2010. The left, no doubt, will run with that, giggling their “we told you so’s,” completely misreading the facts.

Allow me to clarify this for my left-wing friends. What this story failed to mention is that there is still plenty of conservative money flying around out there, only now the donors are being very selective about who their political benefactors will be. After the fiasco in New York’s District 23 last November, when the GOP endorsed a woman ranked as one of the most liberal politicians in one of the nation’s most liberal states, simply because she put an “R” next to her name and proceeded to endorse the democrat when she dropped out of the race, conservatives just don’t trust the republican party to distribute their precious funds in the right direction. Myself included.

Like so many conservatives I’ve heard from, I have been receiving solicitations from the Republican National Committee. I have in turn informed them that, for the time being, my political donations will be sent directly to those bonafide conservative candidates throughout the country who will be opposing the left-wing tyrants – on both sides of the aisle – who are ignoring the will of the American people and gutting the Constitution of our United States.

I am not talking third party here, for I think that would spell disaster for our conservative efforts and our country – and that is exactly what our left-wing opponents are hoping to see happen. No, I am talking aggressive action that will further our efforts and send a clear message at the same time. In the months to come, I will be sending my donations to any true conservative anywhere in the country who opposes the likes of Harry Reid (NV), Olympia Snowe (ME), Mary Landrieu (LA), Ben Nelson (NE), Barbara Boxer (CA), Kirstin Gillibrand (NY), Barney Frank (MA), Nancy Pelosi (CA), Dick Durbin (IL), John Murtha (PA), Chris Dodd (CT), Alan Grayson (FL)….you get the drill.

If en masse we conservatives take this tact, I have confidence the RNC will get the message and get back in both word and deed to the fearless conservative principles that make this country exceptional. In the meantime, we must keep reminding them: You have failed to represent us and our Constitution, dear RNC, you have thrown away golden opportunity after golden opportunity to carry our flag, so we are doing it ourselves. You’re welcome to come along, but we will gladly leave you in the dust if you continue to preach touchy-feely moderation and liberalism. And we’ll take our money with us.

What we have learned from our life under the current, and very oppressive, regime, is that the votes of everyone in Congress, whether or not they represent our own districts or our own states, affect us all more dramatically than we ever dreamed possible. You may live in Florida, but the vote of a Senator in Nebraska can sentence your family and our country to bankruptcy. I may not in any way be represented by my Congressman and my Senators – and believe me, I am not – but I can take action to help ensure that people are elected in other districts and other states, who will directly represent my beliefs and the well-being of my country, my family and my children.

So this is our challenge in 2010. It will take time and effort and research, but together we can take our country back from those who seek to “transform” it forever. We have our work cut out for us, but we can’t let that transformation occur. And we won’t.

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