Out-of-Touch Coakley Does It Again!

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January 17, 2010 | Comments

Two days ago, as part of my post on the tight race between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown in the upcoming special election for Ted Kennedy’s vacated Massachusetts Senate seat, I included bonehead comments Coakley has made during her rather incompetent campaign of entitlement. Well, on Friday night, she did it again.

Friday night during a radio interview in Boston, Coakley dismissed Curt Schilling, beloved Boston Red Sox pitcher and World Series star, as “another Yankee fan” — her brilliant comeback to interviewer Dan Rea’s comment that Schilling is supporting Scott Brown in the election. In the wake of the interview, highlighted by Rea’s perplexed reaction to the insipid comment and Coakley’s fumbled attempt at recovery, the candidate’s spokesperson claimed that it was Coakley’s attempt to make a joke (the left once again taking the American people for fools).

All this American can say is: Talk about being out of touch with one’s constituents! Come to think of it, though, I guess she would fit in perfectly with this administration, this Congress. I just hope the people of Massachusetts are listening.

Betsy Siino | Comments