It’s Morning in America

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January 20, 2010 | Comments

When a little-known Massachusetts republican wins the Senate seat occupied for decades by Ted Kennedy, endangering Kennedy’s signature issue, nationalized health care….

When you wake up the morning after that election and see a republican strategist not only appearing on MSNBC, but actually being treated with respect….

When democratic Congressmen who have voted for everything the President has mandated over the last year (particularly the health-care-reform bill opposed by one-third of the American people) state that it will be a catastrophe if democrats ignore the Massachusetts election (Evan Bayh of Indiana); that the health-care vote should be suspended until the new Massachusetts Senator is seated (Jim Webb of Virginia); and that “health care might be dead” (Anthony Weiner of New York)….

When British newspapers gleefully predict that “there will be more Scott Browns!”….

When the San Francisco Chronicle floats the notion that San Francisco Congresswoman and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, might be in trouble….

When the morning news broadcasts footage of lifelong democrats waiting in line yesterday to cast their votes for a republican candidate because they want “to save America”….

When you hear a democratic strategist say that the democrats on Capitol Hill have awakened this morning, wondering “Is it wise for me to continue following this President?”….

When liberal pundits and news commentators for the first time openly acknowledge that the Massachusetts election results are proof that the American people are obviously not happy with the backroom deals cut by the President with the pharmaceutical companies, and the singular payoffs to individual representatives in Congress (on Christmas Eve no less).…

When you sense an outright sigh of relief among democratic politicians and certain individuals within the administration’s lapdog media who have finally been given an excuse to oppose this President, this administration and this radical leftwing agenda – an excuse to vote “no” next time and perhaps even to offer criticism.…

When Americans from coast to coast awaken, having slept better and more peacefully than they have in months….

.…it’s morning in America.

At least for now. Indeed for this lovely moment, let us enjoy the morning light and the brief sense of security that was returned to us last night by the election results that came to us from Massachusetts. Provided 100,000 absentee ballots cast for that election’s democratic candidate aren’t suddenly discovered in the trunk of Al Franken’s car, we can smile, knowing we can claim victory in this battle forever to be known as the Massachusetts Miracle of 2010.

But we can’t rest, of course. Our fight continues. Even now our opposition, haven shaken off the shock of last night’s upset, is mobilizing, designing their next tactic for bypassing the will of the American people and the U.S. Constitution. We will be ready for them, of course, just as we were this time, energized and confident that we who love this country are not alone. As we’ve said all along, 2010 is gonna be great. Last night, just 19 days in, was only the beginning.

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