Teleprompter in the Classroom

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January 27, 2010 | Comments

Just when we thought we could not be more embarrassed because of this President, and, more importantly, just when we thought we could not be more embarrassed for our beautiful country…

We find an official presidential teleprompter set up last week in a 6th-grade classroom in Virginia – official presidential podium and all — for a speech, an inspiring one about himself, no doubt, that the President gave to said class.

A 6th-grade classroom!

I have never seen anything so ridiculous in my life. How could anyone, student or teacher, have entered that classroom, taken a gander at the electronics occupying half the room, witnessed the President’s predictably self-important expression as he spoke with his equally predictable robotic cadence, and kept a straight face? And how could anyone stand at that podium and keep a straight face?

Of course amid the deafening laughter this image has inspired among what the President likes to refer to so arrogantly as “ordinary Americans,” his spinners claim the teleprompter was necessary for a meeting with media following his inspiring talk to the 11-year-olds. (Gotta wonder why he would need the teleprompter for that, too, but you know him…)

Much has been made of the President’s addiction to his teleprompter. The man truly seems unable to give a speech without his electronic crutch — kind of a problem when your one claim to fame, and the reason you were elected in the first place, is your alleged, self-proclaimed gift as a “great orator.” This recent incident has nevertheless taken me back with a giggle to a video from the satirical website The Onion, featuring the trauma of a teleprompter malfunction at the First Family’s dinner table. It’s a must see:

Obama’s Home Teleprompter Malfunctions During Family Dinner

We all have to keep our sense of humor, now more than ever. Enjoy…

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