Please Stop Talking, Mr. President!

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February 1, 2010 | Comments

Responsible mom, responsible American, that I am, given the current state of the American economy, I worry for the people who need and want jobs and have none. I worry for the lack of common sense and capitalist know-how that seems to drive the current administration. I worry for the future of my children — and yours – as they are sentenced to suffer the consequences of the radical, even criminal, economic agenda currently at play. I worry about the punishing debt that is being heaped upon our children, and I worry for the lack of opportunity they are doomed to face, thanks to the current regime in Washington, DC.

Given these worries, I wish the President would just stop talking!

Case in point: Last Friday, mid-day, the stock market was plugging away, enjoying an increase of about 60, 80 points…doing okay. Then the President, ever a moth to the camera’s flame, stepped up to his podium to regale us with yet another televised montage of his golden words. Instantly the market plummeted, never to recover that day.

Today, recent history repeats itself, but with a twist, as we witness the release of the President’s record-breaking, $3.8 trillion 2011 budget. So, yes, he’s scheduled to take to the microphone once more. In response to this scheduled speech, traders on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange (several having stated recently that “we all hate” this President for the effect he is having on the economy), are confessing that minutes before their fearless leader begins to speak, they will place “put” orders. In other words, they will bet that the market will fall in response to this President’s voice, a voice proven to damage stocks and profits – and, by extension, jobs and a robust economy.

A recent survey conducted by business entity Bloomberg, revealed that 77 percent of investors think this President is anti-business. This budget isn’t likely to reverse those results, despite the sugar-sweet words the President uses to pacify us. Indeed words, like elections, have consequences, too.

Betsy Siino | Comments