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Why would a man place his hand on a Bible – Abraham Lincoln’s Bible, of all Bibles – and vow to honor and uphold the Constitution of the United States, then set out consciously and publicly to defy the tenets of that document, as well as the people that document represents?

I suppose we already know the answer to this question. Indeed the man now occupying the White House, his wife, the minions with whom he has surrounded and insulated himself, as well as his kindred spirits in the United States Congress, have all made it abundantly clear that the document they are sworn to uphold is meaningless to them. Most, including the President, made this disdain clear when they were running for office. What they did not publicize quite so blatantly was their desire to tear this nation apart from its guts, and rebuild into a distorted and weakened entity that does not even begin to resemble the blueprint set forth in our Constitution, the blueprint they apparently fraudulently swore to honor and uphold.

So I ask: Why are these perpetrators so hell bent on destroying our nation?

It goes beyond a simple lust for power. The President of the United States has power from that title alone. A great deal of power emanates from a congressional seat, as well. No, there is something far more insidious at play here. This current President and his wife have made no secret of the fact that their motive to claim the White House had nothing to do with love of country. Quite the contrary. America needs to be punished, they and theirs have told us, and they and theirs are just the people to carry out the punishment.

Why they have grown to feel this way, well, I won’t use labels (at the moment), but I’d say it has all to do with the so-called “inner child.” The people now running this nation, from the couple occupying the White House, through the administration, to the radical majority in the Congress – and, by extension, the squishy, wishy-washy Congresspeople who have elevated the term “for sale to the highest bidder” to a whole new level – they all seem to be acting out according to their inner demons and past, probably childhood-related, affronts.

Given the realities of early biological brain development, and my own experience as a mom, I firmly believe that by the time a child reaches about 5 years of age, he or she is pretty much formed in terms of who he or she is and will be. We have all had the so-called “inspirational,” and certainly fuzzy, story of this President’s early beginnings jammed down our throats, so it’s not all that difficult to make the leap from that childhood to the man we see before us today. As we know, he is not alone in his mission, so I think we are witnessing a mass expression of childhood angst at the federal level, and it is not at all pretty. The inner children, the perpetual 5-year-olds, have been given the keys to the kingdom, and they are running amok, to the detriment of us all.

Even as I write this, these people are plotting a coup, right out in front of us, for all America to see. They are colluding at this moment to make law a bill that promises to destroy the fabric and fiber and the inalienable rights of these United States. Without a vote. Without the consent of the people. The vast majority of America has refused repeatedly to go along with their plan, so, like a mob of spoiled children, they are going to do it anyway. They tell us that Americans don’t care about parliamentary procedure and Constitutional rules. Translation: We’ll just make up our own rules. We’ll show you.

And they are laughing. Laughing at our love for that stale old document, the Constitution. Laughing at us. See them as the spoiled and damaged children they are behind the grown-up masks, and we see why.