Just Imagine…

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Just imagine if President George Bush had gone on to Fox News with Bret Baier a couple of months after a massive earthquake in Haiti, and justified  a “special deal” with Louisiana, a so-called Louisiana Purchase, where hundreds of millions of dollars were promised to Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in exchange for her “yes” vote on a health-care bill despised by the American people. Imagine him whimpering that because Louisiana “has been affected by a natural catastrophe that has created a special health-care emergency in that state…They should get help.” Imagine him continuing, “It also affects Hawaii, which went through an earthquake.” Consider for a moment the similarities in the names “Hawaii” and “Haiti,” and imagine that that same President had been known to count the number of U.S. states as 57.

Just imagine if, upon his return from an insult-riddled, gaffe-rich visit to Israel, Vice President Dick Cheney had joked about the beleaguered nation, our fierce ally, at the Radio and TV Correspondent’s Dinner, giggling that, “It’s great to be back in a place where a boom in housing construction is a good thing.”

Just imagine President George Bush proclaiming to the American people that, “I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or Senate.”

Just imagine if George Bush had told members of Congress to sacrifice their seats and careers for him and his economy-busting, probably unconstitutional, inherently corrupt, possibly criminal health-care bill that the vast majority of Americans despise. Just imagine him begging them to fall on their swords for him, because “elections aren’t important.”

Just imagine if President Bush’s Press Secretary Dana Perino had gleefully insisted that the President would gladly sign a catastrophic bill despised by the American people, even if it were passed in a known corrupt and unconstitutional manner.

Just imagine if on St. Patrick’s Day, VP Dick Cheney had asked God to bless the soul of the Irish President’s late mother, only to be reminded that the woman is still alive.

No need to imagine any of this, because all of these comments were actually made within the last few days by members of this current administration. Just substitute the names Obama, Biden and Gibbs for Bush, Cheney and Perino – add to the list VP Joe Biden referring quite truthfully to the press assembled at the correspondents’ dinner as the President’s “base,” and you’ve got yourself a nice, clear read on this administration. Imagine that.