Cavuto Calls Him on It

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Plenty of us have been plenty stressed this week, and it doesn’t help when you can’t look away from the minute-by-minute run-up to the calamity that may await our nation tomorrow when traitors in Congress vote “yes” for a government takeover of our nation. But I did find one bright spot yesterday afternoon when I was watching Neil Cavuto on Fox Business.

Mr. Cavuto was interviewing some wimpy New York democratic Congressman. I don’t know which one — take your pick, doesn’t matter. Nervous and jittery, unsuccessfully adopting as best he could the unfamiliar countenance of a rugged individual, this so-called “representative” announced to Neil’s viewing audience that after much thought and contemplation, he had decided to vote “yes” on the health-care atrocity (my word, not his).

In response, Mr. Cavuto, his signature sardonic smirk in place, said in effect — and I paraphrase here — that with all due respect, Congressman, you were already a “yes” on Nancy Pelosi’s list. We already knew you would vote yes, so we don’t consider your vote a change from a “no” to a “yes.” In other words: Everyone already knows you are nothing but a pawn in Nancy’s pocket, Congressman, so please don’t insult us, or embarrass yourself, by pretending to man-up.

The Congressman’s pasty face went even pastier. He really had nothing more to say, so he didn’t say anything. Caught in his own insipid trap, his silence acknowledged loud and clear that Neil’s laser was spot on.

With these so-called representatives of democracy toppling by the minute into the laps of Pelosi and Obama, trashing their constituents and their own careers for the sake of their dear leader and his plan to transform America, I thank Neil Cavuto for refusing to play nice.

And to these Congressional dems, I say: I’m so tired of your phony posturing and your idiotic pretenses of pinciple and character. We all know you’ll fall right into line in the end, all according to script. Just go out there and tell us that you will be voting “yes” because you have sold your souls, you have been threatened, you’re weak, you’re scared, you’re afraid of being drummed out of the cocktail parties and private clubs by naked thugs in the shower, you’ve never even read the Constitution and/or you don’t understand its big words, and you’ve been promised a ride on Air Force One.

Just tell us what we already know: You are perfectly content to follow the most corrupt administration in our history down its road of destruction. 

Bottom line: You are making a choice. You are doing what is easy, rather than what is right (and setting a fine example for your children). As I have said in these posts before, in the words of Aaron Tipton, “whatever you do today, you’ll have to sleep with tonight.” Here’s one American who will be wishing you plenty of sleepless nights ahead.