Trying to Look Away

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I’m trying to stay away from it. It’s agony, the waiting. It’s like watching two high-speed trains heading full-speed, head-on toward each other, watching and waiting for the ultimate collision that you know is coming, that you know will be of catastrophic proportions, the pit in your stomach telling you to look away, but you can’t.

So I am removing myself entirely from the overlook that gives me a view of those trains. Yet in the brief moment I dared to look down, I learned that:

Alleged pro-lifer Stupak is huddled in a corner with other alleged pro-lifers; I can only imagine that self-serving conversation, which you know has nothing to do with rules of law or the American people.

Pelosi was mobbed by protestors and was apparently overheard telling Hoyer that they have to pad the vote because “none of these members wants to be the deciding vote.”

Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL), a member of the House Rules Committee is on record commenting about rules: “we make ’em up as we go along.”

Reid has urged fellow Senators not to worry, that the public option will be added to the bill in “coming months.”

TV pundits are claiming this is just like the contentious passage of Social Security and Medicare; no mention that they are both in financial ruins and were ultimately passed by bonafide bipartisan support.

I can’t stand anymore. Watching a government takeover of the country you love: agony. Watching those who have the power to exercise courage to prevent it: blood boiling. Watching the Constitution you revere shoved through the White House shredder: unforgivable.

Time to look away. Time to step away from he overlook. For awhile. I’m grabbing my family and going to lunch. And I will remind myself that when this day is done, we must look toward rescue and redemption and possibly entertain the notion that today may just mark the start of a new American Revolution. And they fired the first shot. But America will survive — in the image of our people and that of our founders — not in the image of the left-wing fascists who will take a decisive step today toward destroying her. They may win this battle, but ultimately, America will survive. Semper fi.