Castro Approves

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Oh, happy day, America! Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, sweetheart of Hollywood and other left-wingers everywhere (if not his own people), has given America his stamp of approval for the passage of the health-care monstrosity last week.

Last Thursday, Castro called America’s willingness to pass such a sweeping law, a law so akin to his own leadership style, a “miracle,” (never mind that “America” did not pass this atrocity; a handful of corrupt, elitist politicians did it without consent of the people; no doubt another aspect much admired by Fidel).

Though a profound fan of Obama, Castro made it clear that this President still has a long way to go before he receives the Cuban leader’s full endorsement. Nevertheless, the U.S. President’s transforming the American health-care system in both leaders’ own images was certainly a step in the right direction toward “the success of [Obama’s government].” Indeed Castro is proud to see Obama following Cuba’s lead in socializing, nationalizing and rationing health care, “something,” said Castro, “that Cuba was able to do half a century ago.”

As a follow-up, I suggest Americans who aren’t looking for Castro’s endorsement take a look at one of my favorite films An American Carol. Within this comedic Christmas-Carolesque spoof of propagandist Michael Moore (the best part being Kelsey Grammer’s George S. Patton; he is wonderful!), you will find a celebration of the true spirit of America and her history, attention paid to the very real threat of jihad and the ACLU, and a glimpse into Castro’s Cuban health-care system. When you watch it, think about Obama and his minions working so hard to relegate us peasants to such a system – a system from which these tyrants have ensured that they, like Castro, will forever be immune.