No Obama at the Bookstore: A Sign of the Times?

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I witnessed a miracle today, I think. I sauntered into the bookstore, one of my favorite places on the planet, and much to my shock and awe, I did not see single monument of books dedicated to Barack Obama anywhere in the store. Not at the front entrance. Not in the Special Events section. Not in the Children’s section. Nowhere. Even more shocking was the table full of volumes front and center in the store that featured presidential books on Presidents past and present — Reagan, Clinton, Jefferson, Lincoln, even Carter — but not a one about Barack Obama.

On its face this may not seem all that earthshattering. But consider, if you will, that every time I have visited a bookstore in the past two years — since long before the 2008  election — I have been assaulted upon entrance with literary monuments erected to the greatness and grandeur that is Barack Obama. Books by him (his many autobiographies detailing his illustrious life), books lauding him, and gorgeously illustrated children’s books painting him as a godlike child destined one day to take over the greatest, though most misguided, nation on the earth.

I have tried valiently to ignore these monuments, but today I didn’t have to. The monuments were nowhere to be found. The only hint of his former omnipotence was the cover of Mad Magazine, in which a grinning Alfred E. Newman sported a shirt suggesting that he once “hearted” Obama, but that time has passed. If Alfred is any indication, maybe the absence of this overexposed President from the bookstore today was indeed a sign of the times. I hope so. Perhaps the minions who once “hearted” Obama for such wild and unknown reasons, have now, like Alfred E. Newman, seen the light. We can surely hope.

What a Difference a Day Makes

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The song says: “What a difference a day makes.” Since January of 2009 we have experienced a constant barrage of events each and every day that have kept us worrying and fretting over the well-being and the very existence of our country. Indeed those of us who love this nation, and have no desire to see it “transformed,” have known no peace since then. The days I have been hobbled during this site’s re-tooling have been no exception. The highlights:

  • The President of Poland, his wife, the leader of the Polish military and virtually all of Poland’s top officials were killed when the plane carrying them to a memorial in Russia crashed in that nation’s countryside. Poland has been one of America’s staunchest allies, and the prayers of countless Americans have been sent their way. In an unfortunate PR move, Barack Obama, unable to attend the President’s funeral because of the volcano in Iceland, went golfing instead.
  •  Tax Day, April 15th, was commemorated by thousands of Americans who participated in peaceful Tea Party demonstrations throughout the nation to protest “taxation without representation.” Their actions were met, as expected, by lapdog media types and democrat politicians with derision and ridicule that only served to reveal once more how frightened they are of the Tea Party movement. More than one pundit commented that it’s never good for politicians and those seeking ratings to attack the American people.
  •  Joining his media and political minions, Barack Obama, displaying the heights of elitist arrogance, commented that he was “amused” by the Tea Party Americans who took to the streets on Tax Day. Regarding, as he does, we the people as a source of peasant entertainment, here’s hoping Obama won’t be so “amused” come November.
  • We witnessed the de-fanging of America, when Barack Obama not only signed a nuclear disarmament treaty with Russia (displaying once again his naïve ignorance and useful idiocy), but also let it be known to all the world that they are free to attack America and her people without fear of retribution.
  •  When Sarah Palin expressed her disgust with Obama’s signing of the disarmament treaty, disgust shared by the vast majority of Americans, Obama responded arrogantly that “last I checked, Sarah Palin’s not much of an expert on nuclear issues.” The lapdog media representative interviewing Obama at the time, in a predictable effort to protect a President whose education has been severely limited, chose not to ask Obama to outline his own expertise in this (or any) area.
  • Obama puzzled proud Americans – including, no doubt, those who serve in our armed forces – when he said, “…whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military super power.”
  • Barbara Crabb, a U.S. District Judge in Wisconsin, ruled that the National Day of Prayer, established in 1952, is unconstitutional.
  • Democrats in the California legislature killed a resolution that would have honored the 100th birthday of the Boy Scouts of America and scouting in California. The celebration has proceeded anyway, without the blessing of California democrats.

 Sadly, this is only a drop in the bucket. But it’s enough for now. It serves to remind us that with every day presenting unwanted “differences,” we the people, amusing as we may be to certain individuals, cannot give up the fight. How it frightens our opposition to know that we have no intention of doing so.

Back in the Saddle

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I’m happy to announce that the re-tooling of the site is complete, and is now quicker, more accessible, and ready to get back to the business of roaring against those who threaten our country and our families.  I thank you all for your patience, and I wish us all a good week ahead….