Waiting for Left-Wing Apologies to General Petraeus

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Well, two days have passed since Commander-in-Chief Obama dismissed General Stanley McChrystal and handed control of the Afghanistan theater of the war on terror over to General David Petraeus. Two days, and I have yet to hear an apology from Obama or Hillary or any of their kindred left-wing spirits in Congress, who just months ago referred to General Petraeus as a failure as Commander of the war in Iraq, and joined forces with those who would refer to him gleefully and oh-so-cleverly as General “Betray-us.”

While I am waiting for this apology (and not holding my breath), I imagine what I presume the scene  might have been two days ago in the editorial offices of Rolling Stone. I imagine the staffers, editors and writers gathered around an office television, hanging on the every golden word of their beloved Obama. As soon as they hear that magical announcement — ding, dong, McChrystal is gone — deafening cheers, joyous high-fives and leaps into the air erupt in response, all-out celebration for the death blow they have so successfully dealt the U.S. military.

But then, one in their midst, his eyes and ears still directed toward the tube, calls for them to cease and desist in their revelry. Face ashen and drawn, he calls their attention back to their beloved O. They watch in silence. In shock. They can’t believe what they are hearing. David what? The Betrayer in Afghanistan? No! The celebration has ended as suddenly as it began. And this time, whether they and their fearless leader in the White House care to acknowledge it or not, their nemesis, the U.S. military, won’t be so easily taken down.

In fact, at this very moment rumors are flying that General Petraeus agreed to take over in Afghaniston only on condition that he can alter the notorious rules of engagement that have severely curtailed our warriors’ abilities to carry out their missions and to protect themselves on the ground. I’m sure these rumors have not escaped those Rolling Stone staffers, who, should the rumors prove to be true, fear they won’t have another cause for celebration any time soon.


  1. David R. Graham
    Posted June 26, 2010 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    “General Betray-us” was a reprise/direct descendant of the ChiCom/KGB tag “General Waste More Land” for General Westmoreland, who commanded US Forces in Vietnam. Moveon people know that because they’re descendants of the people who made “General Betray-us”

    They will have occasion to reuse it.

    The ROEs were partly by McChrystal but mostly by his subordinate commanders enhancing the original to CYA in the current context. (The ROEs returned to normal already.)

    The current context includes commanders, especially line commanders, from company up knowing they face a generation at least of “firings” for displeasing the civilian totalitarians in the White House and Congress.

    Think Stalin and his commanders or Mao and his, or Amin and his. Hitler knew better how to handle his commanders, at least during the early years.

    This one today is in the mold of the Afro-Mohammedan Imperialist, who employs the Stalinist and Soviet model. Think Idi Amin, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, and especially think The Muslim Brotherhood, for whom this one is Trojan Horse.

  2. David R. Graham
    Posted June 27, 2010 at 3:19 am | Permalink

    It is also the case that for Dave Petraeus to take over in AFPAK is a demotion. Voluntary, perhaps, but a demotion. He was Stan’s boss.