Accountability and Regretful Americans

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I wish I could laugh, hearing that captains of industry now regret the millions they donated to Barack Obama, arming him with the power to decimate American industry and the free-market system. I wish I could smile when I hear the lapdog media reporting with shock that confidence in this President is plummeting across the board, and that even members of his own party are realizing they have made a terrible mistake by pledging him their blind allegiance. I wish I could at least grin upon hearing that millions of voters now admit they would vote differently if given the opportunity to go back in time to November, 2008.

But I’m not laughing, and neither am I feeling the relief I suppose I should upon hearing that these Americans have recognized the terrible mistakes they made. Because of the devastation those mistakes, those choices have caused our country, our families and our children, I feel no relief, no sympathy. This is permanent-record territory, so anger is all you’ll get from me.

From sea to shining sea, well-educated, highly skilled, Constitution-loving Americans are admitting they regret their votes for Obama now that their eyes have opened to the true character and agenda of the man. We just don’t understand what happened, these individuals invariably plead.

But why don’t they understand? What’s the big mystery here? It’s really quite simple: They and so many others just don’t want to acknowledge the part they played in the current attacks on our country. They did so knowingly, and probably at the time with a big goofy smile of do-gooder, guilt-relief on their faces.

Though my own conscious is clean, I find the simplicity of this tragic situation staggering. Here you have thoughtful, highly skilled, professionally experienced people who have worked very hard for what they have achieved in this life. I know these people. You know them, too. Now along comes this guy running for President. To spare my own sanity, I’ll skip the description of his lack of experience, his mysterious past, his frightening associations, and his childhood scars.

Now, given this man’s thin resume and problematic personal background, let’s ask our regretful yet accomplished, hard-working, professionally experienced Americans, including friends and family members of our own, if they would ever hire this man to work for their companies, their practices, their shops. Of course they wouldn’t. And they would say this without hesitation, I’m sure. Yet millions of these same accomplished, professionally experienced friends and family members, also without hesitation, entrusted the futures of our precious nation, our families and our children to this same incompetent individual.

And they should be ashamed. Not shocked. Not disappointed. Ashamed.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to shed my own anger over what they did to us – beginning with what I hope will be a redemptive election for our country come November. In the meantime, all those regretful Americans out there can take their first step toward their own redemption by acknowledging their guilt – not regret, guilt — and then doing all they can to make things right again.

When Your Political Opposition is Committing Suicide….

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Yesterday I heard yet another typically brilliant interview with political commentator and nationally syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer. He was asked what he thought of RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s recent comment that the Afghan war is a war of Obama’s choosing.

Please forgive my paraphrasing of the good doctor’s response, as I would never dream even of attempting to channel his insight, but his answer, as usual, cut straight to the core of the matter. You see, he explained, as only he can, the democrats right now are in the process of committing suicide. And unfortunately, Mr. Steele ignored the first rule of politics: If the other side is committing suicide, get out of the room!

In other words, shut up and get out of the way. Don’t give your opposition and, in this case, their media lapdogs, any distractions they can use to re-direct the public’s attention, or, worse yet, slap those who are imploding back to their senses. Just get out and let them get on with their mission.

As if seeking consciously to prove Dr. Krauthammer’s brilliance, grandam Nancy Pelosi urged her minion democrats seeking re-election this November to get out there on the campaign trail and not only sing the praises of Obamacare, but also boast of their voting for it. And I say, here, here, Nancy! Keep offering those minions that sage advice of yours. And please, dems, listen to fearless leader Nancy’s directives and take them to heart. Do exactly what she says. Sing those praises. Boast of those votes. And don’t let up. Not for a minute. Let everyone everywhere know exactly who you are, where you stand, and what you did.

In the meantime, those of us on the right, don’t mind us. We’ll just be here, quietly leaving the room so you can get on with your mission, undistracted and without interruption. We won’t bother you, so carry on.

Happy Birthday to Our Nation

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I have always loved the 4th of July for what it represents: the birth of our nation, a nation unlike any other in any imagination, at any time, anywhere. I revere the men who risked their lives to create this grand experiment, and the men, women and families who have sacrificed their lives for us to keep it.

But today I find myself reflecting on the fact that this year we observe a 4th like no other. We celebrate our nation’s birth at a time when she faces a great danger unlike any other. Certainly our nation has faced danger before, particularly back in the 1860s during a war that threatened to tear us apart. But our threat today comes from forces within our own government who seek to tear our nation down and rewrite her story to fit a twisted view that in no way resembles what she is and what she is meant to be.

I refuse to see this happen. And I end today, as I listen to the songs that celebrate the greatness of our nation and the people throughout our history who have created and preserved that greatness, knowing I am not alone in my resolve. I remain faithful, even as those in Washington attempt to dismantle and shred the Constitution that is our backbone, that the vast majority of us beyond those cloistered DC walls feel the same in our collective devotion to that nation we are blessed to call home. I thank all of you who over this last year since I began writing on these pages have stood up with me and confirmed what we all know to be true about the American spirit and its endurance.

So now together we embark on the road to the next 4th. Together let us pray — especially after an important wake-up call we are confident will be coming in November to push those deadly forces back — that this time next year we will be breathing a great sigh of relief, knowing we are headed back from the brink. In the meantime, my humble thanks go out as they do every year to our founders, to our troops who keep and have always kept our nation and our children safe, to the courageous and often unsung heroes who have made the nation what she is, and to our God for remaining with us in our past and in our present. Happy birthday, America. Not a day goes by that we are not grateful for you.