Seeing Through Obama’s Latest Speech to Our Wounded Warriors

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I made a conscious decision this morning not to watch Barack Obama’s planned speech today to the disabled veterans. There is only so much I can take, not only of him, but of his lame attempts to appear manly, powerful and pro-military. We know what they say, however, about the best laid plans….

As fate would have it, I found myself sitting in my mechanic’s waiting area for about an hour’s worth of repairs to be completed on my car. Lucky me, that happened to be precisely the hour when Obama gave his speech to the veterans, broadcast by Fox News on my mechanic’s waiting-area television. In a phenomenon akin to a failed attempt to look away from a trainwreck, my clicking away at my laptop could not divert my attention from Obama’s droning monotone on the TV.

As I was unfortunate enough to discover, his speech was the same telepromptered tripe we have come to expect from this man: the complete lack of emotion, the bobbling of the head from side to side, from teleprompter to teleprompter, as though he is watching a tennis match; a few lame jokes and applause lines and his embarrassing pause awaiting the appropriate response.

But one segment stood out above the rest: his carefully scripted greeting to the Vietnam veterans in attendance. He, as usual, feigned undying support for all they endured then and what they endure now. He scolded those in this country who abused these warriors when they returned home from their tours of duty, verbalizing mechanically his outrage that Americans would dare to treat them so.

On it’s face, it was an appropriate tribute to those Vietnam vets — until you remember that it was being spouted by a man who has made his career out of aligning himself with those very people — the radicals and appeasers and left-wing tyrants (to name a few) — who perpetrated those unforgivable acts against our troops.  He has boasted of these alliances repeatedly, celebrating them, documenting them in his goopy biographies, appointing these individuals his czars and advisors. This did not stop him today, however, from offering our wounded warriors this shameless tirade. All in all, classic Obama.

Those of us who revere the Constitution and the greatness of America never bought his rhetoric. Ever. We ignored his script and his cadence, directing our collective attention instead to the man’s actions, his history and his alliances, knowing those would tell us exactly who he was and who he is. And they did. Wayward souls who weren’t originally so attentive join us daily in their own discoveries and  revelations, now seeing clearly, as well, the context, agenda and surreptitious tyranny that was right there in front of them all along. So save the pretty words, Mr. President. We’ve heard enough.


  1. David R. Graham
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    Perhaps you have seen this:

    And in re “We’ve heard enough.”

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    David – great link. Thank you. Can we get it out more? Send it to our “politicians” so they can watch it.