Obama Is Still Blaming Predecessor President Bush

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Earlier this week, Barack Obama told a fundraiser audience in Atlanta that the GOP is betting their political future on a mass American amnesia epidemic that will erase the American public’s memory of the GOP’s continued support of the policies of Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush – the predecessor Obama continuously blames for the nation’s catastrophic economy.

Excuse me, Mr. President, but despite your stab at clever repartee, we the people know that you, sir, are the one wishing for a nation of amnesiacs.

You’d best not hold your breath for that one, however. Our memories clear, we remember well the events of 2006, a mere four years ago. That was the mid-term election when your party, the democrats, took control of Capitol Hill, thus wrestling control of the American economy from the GOP. It was that glorious moment in time when dear Nancy became Speaker, George W. occupied the Oval Office, and you were Senator from Illinois, suddenly yourself a member of the majority party. Remember? Perhaps you were simply too busy running for President at the time to remember such minor details.  

As for your continually pitting GOP against DNC, speaking again as a so-called “regular” American, let me say that you are a bit confused there, too, my friend (conveniently so, I’m sure). This is no longer a nation of republican versus democrat. We on the right discarded those labels long ago. Today we are conservatives versus liberals, Alinsky strategy versus the U.S. Constitution, good versus evil, liberty versus tyranny. And it’s all your doing. In a way we should be thanking you for reminding us so effectively of who we are, who we are not, and who we are meant to be.

So by all means, keep claiming your failures (and desperation) are firmly rooted in the policies of George W. Bush and those who have supported him.

The rest of us will find our truth rooted in the quote of the day above – “That makes you responsible for my irresponsibility.” I quote here a buffoonish pass-the-buck monarch who scolds a perplexed underling in a scene from a favorite TV show of my daughter’s, The Penguins of Madagascar. Unfortunately, sir, that monarch could be you, blaming others for your own irresponsibility, your own incompetence.

In the meantime, we the people, our memories remain clear. We know who is running this show, and we know which side of the aisle has been driving it since 2006.