Primary Day in Arizona and Beyond: Send the RINOs Packing!

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Today is primary day in several states, another step toward what I personally hope proves to be a tsunami for the democrats come November.

One impediment toward this tsunami could occur today, however, with the results of the republican primary in Arizona, where we find incumbent (and former presidential candidate) John McCain (“R”-AZ) pitted against former republican Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

At dawn the lapdog media, backing once more their favorite “republican,” began their primary coverage by reporting oh-so-gleefully that McCain is leading in the polls. The lapdogs employed this same strategy during the run-up to the 2008 presidential race, doing all they could to ensure that McCain would be the republican contender. The thought of a true conservative running against their beloved Barry or Hillary was too much for them to bear. They succeeded in their mission, hiding and ignoring the abundant meat their eventual democratic candidate brought to the table, their ultimate success, as even so many Obama voters now see, spelling disaster for our great nation.

Lapdog efforts aside, the fact is, when the primaries were all said and done, we voters were offered during the 2008 presidential election a choice between two democrats. One was the most leftwing, even fascist, candidate ever to grace a mainstream line of an American presidential ballot. The other was a moderate dem (despite the “R” he invariably places beside his name), whose military service to his country is beyond reproach, yet whose congressional voting record and positions on some of the most sensitive issues facing this nation are anything but conservative or even “moderate” in nature.

Senator McCain has had his run, and, given the great dangers facing our nation today (thanks in part to the Senator’s lackluster, politically correct presidential campaign), it’s time for him, and anyone we might consider “republicans in name only” to step aside and make way for some true conservatism to pull our country back from the brink.

So, please Arizona, stay the course you began earlier this year with your courageous Governor Jan Brewer. We have, you, Arizona, to thank for Governor Brewer, and I’d like to think that we can be thanking you again tomorrow should we awaken to discover that another RINO, the honorable Senator McCain, has been handed his walking papers. (Hey, Florida voters, this goes for you, too: You can help ensure we don’t ever have to see Charlie Crist hug his beloved President again, either!)