Critics Continue to Misunderstand Sarah, Alaska and the People of the Last Frontier

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Whenever someone describes Sarah Palin to me as “stupid” or “such an idiot,” I suppress the impulse to argue or to ask how their own accomplishments compare to those of this fearless self-made woman. I simply ask, “Have you ever been to Alaska?”

The answer is invariably “no.” (Cruises don’t count. I’m talking the Alaskan interior where everyday Alaskans live everyday Alaskan lives.)

I have been to Alaska, I say, and in my experience, both as visitor and as writer covering sled dogs, the Iditarod, bears and wolves, what I learned early on is that “Alaskans don’t suffer fools.” In other words, Alaskans, many having followed the siren’s song to the last frontier from their native, more “civilized,” states and nations, don’t fall for the rhetoric or superficial flash epidemic along the right and left coasts of the lower 48. They recognize pretty clearly who people are, and who they aren’t. And I trust their judgment.

So when threatened trolls call former-Governor Sarah Palin an idiot, when they call her stupid, they are, by extension, hurling those same insults at the citizens of Alaska who put the woman in office. And they are making a tragic mistake.

The left’s lapdog press is salivating right now over Alaska’s republican primary for the U.S. Senate, Sarah Palin’s endorsed candidate Joe Miller and incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) contentiously awaiting the results of their close race. With the lapdogs celebrating the “civil war” brewing among Alaska’s republicans and predicting a “stolen” election on the horizon, the commotion came to a head late last week with some nonsense about a “tweet” from Joe Miller’s camp evoking “the oldest profession” in response to rumors that Murkowski might switch parties if she loses.

If the lapdogs — whose visits to Alaska have been limited almost solely to forays to dig up dirt on Sarah — understood the people of Alaska, they might understand, as well, that efforts to blow this story out of proportion are wasted on the people of the 49th state.

That said, I trust the Alaskans, with the clear-eyed common sense inherent to their kind, will as they always have ignore the lapdogs and tend to their own business without media or any other interference. In the meantime, I will thank them for giving us Sarah Palin, the sharpest thorn ever to impale a liberal’s paw.

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  1. Ladiesofthehouse
    Posted August 30, 2010 at 12:51 pm | Permalink

    Yep–you nailed it. People think she is stupid, and that is actually a good thing because then they will not be expecting anything at all from her.

    We laugh about the New Yorkers and Hollywood trolls that have the audacity to even have an opinion about wolves, oil and the Palins.