We the People Flex Our Collective Muscle. Again.

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Oh what fun it has been watching the left melt down in the wake of last Tuesday’s primary elections.

With what they deem dangerous, rightwing nutjobs – and certainly anyone endorsed by Sarah Palin and/or the Tea Party – emerging victorious, often at the expense of “moderate” incumbents expected to glide onto their respective ballots, liberal elites have been shrieking and stomping so violently, I expect at any moment they will simultaneously pop clusters of veins.

When not shrieking and stomping, they wag their fingers at us from their political offices, from television screens and from computer monitors, warning us how dangerous that oh-so-ignorant-racist-intolerant Tea Party is, and how destructive it will prove to be to our conservative cause and to the republican party at large. Their concern for our cause simply evidence of their own panic, they as usual choose to address only half of the story. Mainstream republicans received a smackdown of their own last week, the conservative victories illustrating for them once more that we the people will no longer tolerate a republican party that is nothing but a weak and appeasing photocopy of the left.

Their desperation in fever pitch, the left has now laughably even played the “witch” card against newly minted Delaware republican senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell. So enmeshed in their own hysteria, they are, much to our amusement, grasping for any and every possible straw in their mission to vilify and demonize the Tea Party.

I do not at all regret to inform them, however, that it’s too late. The momentum begun with the elections of November, 2009, that brought us, among others, rising conservative star New Jersey pitbull Governor Chris Christie, has spun out of control, and I’d say, thankfully, there’s no turning back.

Even in my own extremely blue corner of the country, entire blocks of flags are seen flying on homes – many atop newly erected flagpoles – some demanding “Don’t Tread on Me.” Check out the bumper stickers, too, my most recent serpent-adorned favorite seen on a car next to me in a parking lot today: “Liberty or death. Don’t tread on me.” I saw that and grinned the same grin I see on people everywhere these days. It’s the grin of the momentum that we all hope and suspect is unstoppable. November 2nd can’t come soon enough.