The Clintons Smell Blood in the Water

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I’m thinking back to November, 2008, to the day after the presidential election, when all who had voted for Barack Obama were squealing with delight that the savior had come. And like all Presidents, they gushed, practically in unison, he will surely move to the center now that the coveted office is his.

In the midst of the foolish, severely misguided revelry, friends and I, knowing full well that a great disaster had just occurred, commented on that very day, that we all knew Hillary was making plans. She and her husband had no intention of stepping down from their exalted positions in their party and slinking silently into the dark night. My own prediction on that day: Hillary would bide her time for a year or two, attempt to build a more distinctive profile, and as Obama began his inevitable decline, she and her husband would make their move.

I have a feeling the speed at which Obama’s star has taken its plunge has surprised even the Clintons. But we know they have been prepared to pounce from day one. Catching the distinct scent of blood on the political landscape, they have begun their attack.

Though her political philosophy essentially mirrors Obama’s, Hillary, as devoted Secretary of State, has not carried the water for the President as loyally and silently as I would guess he would like. She recently suggested, for example, that the national debt is a great danger to our country; no need to mention that her boss is the chief architect of that debt. And out of the shadows emerges Bill, seemingly everywhere these days, warning of the dangers of Obamacare, the Tea Party and voter unrest, using his mere presence and the familiar twinkle in his eye as a message to loyal followers that if they play their cards right, the Clintons could once again occupy the White House.

Ever observant of Obama’s frequent fumbles, I wager Hillary and her husband are checking the calendar daily to determine the optimum date for Madam Secretary to relinquish her office. I foresee a heartfelt speech, with perhaps a tear or two, about her sacrifice and her need to seek her party’s nomination once more for the good of the nation.

But this is not 2008. That blood-stained landscape has changed, the electorate is inflamed, and even Bill has acknowledged that there is another shark circling right now, a shark that presents a great danger to his party. Her name is Sarah Palin, perhaps the most powerful woman in the country right now – her endorsements proving to be far more potent than Bill’s and Hillary’s, and of course Obama’s, combined. No matter what Sarah’s aspirations may be beyond conservative kingmaker, she, unlike Hillary, got where she is on her own, not on the coattails of a philandering, charismatic hound dog. About now, I imagine she is causing some sleepless nights for that hound dog and his wife.

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  1. Connie Zemanek
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    Way to go, Betsy. You’re right on with Hillary and so is your website. Keep up the great job you’re doing telling it like it is!
    Take care,