Quote Roundup As November 2 Draws Near

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As we approach a day I personally hope will live in infamy – Election Day, November 2nd  — I have with great pleasure watched the left spin around like packs of Tasmanian Devils, elevating their namecalling to a tornado, if not an art form, and revealing to all the world just how panicked, hysterical and utterly desperate they have become.

Just a sampling:

Barack Obama (as his approval ratings plummet to the 30s):  “We don’t mind the Republicans joining us. They can come for the ride, but they gotta sit in the back.”

Arrogant, ratings-starved anchorwoman Katie Couric, in her quest to determine the potential outcome of the mid-term election, toured what she referred to as “this great unwashed middle of the country.”

It’s no secret that Joy Behar, co-host of insipid talk show The View, is dedicated to salvaging the career and agenda of endangered Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV).  In her daily rant against Reid’s republican opponent Sharron Angle, Behar screeched that a recent Angle ad would never survive a New York airing.  “Come here, bitch,” she shrieked. “Come to New York and do it….I’m not praying for her. She’s going to Hell, the bitch.”  Sharron subsequently sent Ms. Behar a thank-you note for the influx of campaign contributions her rant inspired.

Barack Obama again:  After commenting that “pressure has to be put on the Republican Party” for immigration reform, he continued in his customary rambling, incoherent manner that “if Latinos sit out the election instead of saying we’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.”  Huh?  Must have been off-prompter.

And quotes from the other side, as well:

As unabashed voter fraud is already revealing itself in broad daylight from coast to coast, we find this statement from Jon Ralston, Sharron Angle’s campaign attorney:  “I am sorry to report that the Democrats and their cronies are up to their same old tricks of trying to manipulate the election in hopes of skewing the results in their favor….Two days ago, the Democratic Secretary of State [of Nevada] announced that voters can be provided ‘free food’ at ‘voter turnout events.’ Harry Reid has been offering free food and, according to other reports, some Democratic allies such as teachers’ unions are offering gift cards in return for a vote for Reid. Before we were even able to document the reported infractions to report to the authorities, the Democrat Secretary of State slammed the door shut on preventing this behavior and issued a public statement permitting these ACORN-style tactics.”

All is not rosy and supportive on the democrat side, either.  Rhode Island Democratic gubernatorial candidate Frank Caprio was not happy when Barack Obama offered his endorsement to Caprio’s opponent.  “He can take his endorsement and really shove it,” said Caprio.  “We had one of the worst floods in the history of the United States a few months back, and President Obama didn’t even do a fly over of Rhode Island. He ignored us and now he’s coming into Rhode Island and treating us like an ATM machine.”

I won’t even bother including quotes from Obama’s appearance on The Daily Show.  As a proud American, my embarrassment threshold just can’t stand anymore.  I will thus close with this quote from conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh:

 “Americans will not tolerate the ending of American exceptionalism on purpose or a regime that happily presides over an America in decline. This is what the election on Tuesday is about.”

Where, Oh Where Are the Bragging Dems?

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We’re in the homestretch. Only one more week before what I and so many others hope and pray will be a tsunami that hits Washington, DC and state houses throughout the country.  We have waited so patiently, suffering through one slam against our great nation after another, never really believing we would find ourselves one week away from election day, November 2nd, a day that could prove to be the first shot in our nation’s rescue.

In anticipation of what promises to be an historic day for our nation, I have been doing my own rather unscientific survey of political ads for the many heated races across the country, and I have found a curious pattern. With all the left-wing celebration and adulation of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda over the past two years, why, oh why am I not seeing democrats bragging in their ads about the votes they offered up to the twisted trio to make their transformation/destruction of America a reality?

With very few exceptions, the democratic candidates I have tracked are mum on the votes they either sold or cast willingly for the health-care abomination, cap and tax, anything and everything Obama and his minions have mandated. Why aren’t they out there bragging, as well, about the insults they have hurled at voters at town hall meetings who dared to question their allegiance to the trio and their votes to socialize and destroy America?  And why aren’t they reiterating their collective belief that because they know what is best for “average” Americans, they vote as they are mandated to vote by their party, rather than according to the wishes of those they represent?

Instead they find themselves forced to use such terms as “Second Amendment,” “capitalism” and “small business” in a positive light.  Indeed “small business” seems to be the catch phrase of this election. As they utter the sacred phrase, democratic candidates hope and pray that the dolts who have elected them will never realize that their votes have been specifically designed to destroy small businesses and all who run and are employed by them.  Or we witness the strategy employed by California Senator Barbara Boxer: Hope the voters will forget your disgraceful treatment of military leaders and black business owners who don’t fall in line, and pray they will instead buy your criticisms of your extremely qualified opponent for her success at the helm of a major American corporation.  Of course, if all else fails, just call the opposition stupid.

It’s embarrassing at best, infuriating at worst. The dems — and some republicans, too, who have failed to catch the angry conservative wave that has hit the nation — have come to see that their votes, like ours, have consequences.  Now see them scramble in a last minute bid to fool their constituents. But I am not alone in my core belief that those constituents won’t be fooled again, and that come next Tuesday, those who have followed the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate, as well as that triumvirate itself, will be given the their walking papers.

Mythical Obama Set to Appear on Mythbusters

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UPDATE (10/20/10):  In his grand mission to appear as unpresidential as is humanly possible, Barack Obama, it was just announced, will be appearing on The Daily Show on Comedy Central, as well.  What’s next?  Guest appearances on Jersey Shore and Dancing with the Stars?  This man has made a laughingstock of our great nation, and rest assured that those who oppose us are watching.  And salivating.

So I see that Barack Obama is taking leave yet again from his duties as leader of the Free World to appear on yet another television show.  This time he will be gracing the set of Mythbusters, a cable program that dispels urban legends, to promote the educational importance of math and science.

Just one question: What the heck does Barack Obama know about math and science? Indeed my son, who is buried daily under mounds of math and science homework, asked that very question when he heard that Obama would be appearing on a show he once respected until today.

 Surrounded as I am in my family by crowds of people who are extremely well educated and degreed in these subjects (not me, mind you), I would venture that these family members, as well as my high-school-aged son and his friends, would be far more qualified to discuss this topic than a man whose legendarily thin, non-mathematical, non-scientific, non-work-experience-of-any-kind resume has been the topic of great debate for months now.

But this President is in panic campaign mode right now, traveling the country making his increasingly shrill and strident speeches, while finding it all far less gratifying than it was back in the glory days of 2008 when he was regarded a god. While he seems to have decided he’ll have better luck on TV, the results of this have been lackluster at best.

In the meantime, I urge the Mythbuster guys to keep their radar sharp, ever focused on their mission to debunk myths and mythical creatures, especially mythical creatures that happen to wander in front of their cameras. I urge them, as well, to remember that their own credibility could be at stake if they play patty-cake too enthusiastically with this White House.

Miracle in Chile

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There was not a dry eye in our house last night when the first of the 33 miners stuck underground for the last 69 days in Chile was brought to the surface in a narrow rescue capsule barely large enough to carry a child.  Nor was there a dry eye tonight when the last of those miners, Shift Foreman Luis Urzua, exited the rescue capsule to cheers, applause and silent prayers of thanks.  The heroism on display in Chile since these men were trapped more than two months ago, which has culminated over the past 24 hours as the world watched their rescue, can be described only as a testament to the human spirit.

Tonight we celebrate the efforts of engineers, paramedics, psychologists, physicians, NASA scientists, excavation experts and everyone in between, as 33 miners, feared dead for the first 17 days of their captivity, emerged from their underground prison. Tonight we reflect on the amazing stories of men, who, under the leadership of Shift Foreman Urzua, who took matters into their own hands, rationed their supplies, never gave up hope, and refused to go down without a fight.  We hear of true unadulterated heroism and courage in the rescue workers who volunteered 24 hours ago to take the rescue capsule down into the mine to prepare the miners for their pending rescue.  And tonight we witness Chile’s President, Sebastian Pinera, with tears in his eyes, sing his nation’s national anthem, then offer spontaneous, heartfelt words of praise to the rescuers, to the miners, and to his God for the miracle his nation celebrates tonight – and all without a teleprompter.

As a side note, I thank Fox News for giving this story, this miracle, the full-court coverage it so richly deserves.  Apparently their competition did not find it so worthy, the other cable news outlets deeming Michael Moore, Tea Party anger, eating disorders and celebrity breakups more important than the arrival of the last miner at the surface.

As for those of us who find such programming choices disgraceful, our prayers go out to the rescue workers still underground, who risked their lives over the last 24 hours to help the miners reach daylight once more. May they, too, reach the surface soon and safely, and know the awe they have inspired with their heroism. The same goes for the miners they helped rescue. We wish them the best in their recovery from their ordeal, and we thank them for reminding us that miracles do happen.

Pathetic Efforts to Rehabilitate Michael Vick’s Rep

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Once again, I log on to my computer and see the smiling face of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, celebrated by mainstream internet homepages and sport media outlets working in concert to erase all memory of Vick’s recent past as a vicious killer of dogs. There he is: vaunted gladiator of the gridiron. Athlete. Warrior. Hero.

Different words come to my mind, however: “permanent record.” Join the Ku Klux Klan…permanent record. Molest a child…permanent record. Leave a woman to drown in a car that falls off a bridge without notifying authorities…sorry, permanent record. No rep rehab for you! The same applies to the decision quarterback Vick made years back to spent his leisure time torturing dogs and seeing them torn apart by other tortured dogs. Permanent record. No question.

Once his illegal leisure activities came to light, Vick went to prison for a time. And now, short attention spans abounding, football fans and sports media hacks have forgiven Vick his crimes — that word “forgive” playing a major role in the familiar story of a man’s ability to throw a football trumping a moral compass. Sorry. It will always be permanent-record territory to me. And I’m not alone in this. Some months back, for instance, Dennis Miller took a call from a young woman on his radio show who insisted in a sweet, sugary tone that Dennis must forgive Michael Vick in the name of Christian goodness. With his usual eloquence, Dennis said (and I echoed with far less eloquence): No way!

What this caller failed to recognize is that it is not Dennis’ place…or mine…or yours…or ESPN’s…to forgive Michael Vick. He didn’t hurt Dennis. He didn’t hurt me. Or any of us. No, he hurt animals we call our “best friends,” animals that had no choice but to endure his torture. He hurt animals I love – dogs – in the most vicious, most heinous, ways possible, without remorse, without contrition. We have heard a feeble “sorry” or two from him in the name of forced repentance and career salvation, but no heartfelt condemnation of dog fighting, no effort to prevent and/or end the suffering of other animals enduring atrocities identical to those he himself once perpetrated. It’s the dogs who need to do the forgiving. And they’re not talking.

So, no, I won’t forgive Michael Vick. It’s not my place. But it is my place to choose a side in battles of right and wrong, good and evil. One look at my resume, highlighted by decades of writings about dogs, children and the link between the abuse of animals and children, and it’s no secret which side I choose.

Meanwhile, Michael Vick moves on, reveling once more, with the help of a complicit media, in his glory as football hero, Super Bowl contender, role model. But I haven’t moved on. And I won’t. And I hope all who love dogs, even those who also happen to love the Eagles, will never forget the permanent record.