Miracle in Chile

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There was not a dry eye in our house last night when the first of the 33 miners stuck underground for the last 69 days in Chile was brought to the surface in a narrow rescue capsule barely large enough to carry a child.  Nor was there a dry eye tonight when the last of those miners, Shift Foreman Luis Urzua, exited the rescue capsule to cheers, applause and silent prayers of thanks.  The heroism on display in Chile since these men were trapped more than two months ago, which has culminated over the past 24 hours as the world watched their rescue, can be described only as a testament to the human spirit.

Tonight we celebrate the efforts of engineers, paramedics, psychologists, physicians, NASA scientists, excavation experts and everyone in between, as 33 miners, feared dead for the first 17 days of their captivity, emerged from their underground prison. Tonight we reflect on the amazing stories of men, who, under the leadership of Shift Foreman Urzua, who took matters into their own hands, rationed their supplies, never gave up hope, and refused to go down without a fight.  We hear of true unadulterated heroism and courage in the rescue workers who volunteered 24 hours ago to take the rescue capsule down into the mine to prepare the miners for their pending rescue.  And tonight we witness Chile’s President, Sebastian Pinera, with tears in his eyes, sing his nation’s national anthem, then offer spontaneous, heartfelt words of praise to the rescuers, to the miners, and to his God for the miracle his nation celebrates tonight – and all without a teleprompter.

As a side note, I thank Fox News for giving this story, this miracle, the full-court coverage it so richly deserves.  Apparently their competition did not find it so worthy, the other cable news outlets deeming Michael Moore, Tea Party anger, eating disorders and celebrity breakups more important than the arrival of the last miner at the surface.

As for those of us who find such programming choices disgraceful, our prayers go out to the rescue workers still underground, who risked their lives over the last 24 hours to help the miners reach daylight once more. May they, too, reach the surface soon and safely, and know the awe they have inspired with their heroism. The same goes for the miners they helped rescue. We wish them the best in their recovery from their ordeal, and we thank them for reminding us that miracles do happen.


  1. Nick
    Posted October 14, 2010 at 11:30 am | Permalink

    Not sure how many other media outlets you watched, but Fox was not the only one with great coverage. In fact, I think CNN had the most coverage with each miner coming out.

    But then again, that’d be against your obvious biased.

  2. Betsy Siino
    Posted October 15, 2010 at 10:18 pm | Permalink

    Obvious bias aside, the fact remains that every time I checked in on those other cable outlets, I saw Michael Moore talking about mortgages, a discussion about eating disorders, an update on celebrity breakups, and indictments of the Tea Party — or commercials. So yes, I went running back to Fox News, where I found wall-to-wall coverage of the rescue, and no commercials. And apparently I wasn’t the only one on Fox News, because apparently they enjoyed record-high ratings that night.