Mythical Obama Set to Appear on Mythbusters

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UPDATE (10/20/10):  In his grand mission to appear as unpresidential as is humanly possible, Barack Obama, it was just announced, will be appearing on The Daily Show on Comedy Central, as well.  What’s next?  Guest appearances on Jersey Shore and Dancing with the Stars?  This man has made a laughingstock of our great nation, and rest assured that those who oppose us are watching.  And salivating.

So I see that Barack Obama is taking leave yet again from his duties as leader of the Free World to appear on yet another television show.  This time he will be gracing the set of Mythbusters, a cable program that dispels urban legends, to promote the educational importance of math and science.

Just one question: What the heck does Barack Obama know about math and science? Indeed my son, who is buried daily under mounds of math and science homework, asked that very question when he heard that Obama would be appearing on a show he once respected until today.

 Surrounded as I am in my family by crowds of people who are extremely well educated and degreed in these subjects (not me, mind you), I would venture that these family members, as well as my high-school-aged son and his friends, would be far more qualified to discuss this topic than a man whose legendarily thin, non-mathematical, non-scientific, non-work-experience-of-any-kind resume has been the topic of great debate for months now.

But this President is in panic campaign mode right now, traveling the country making his increasingly shrill and strident speeches, while finding it all far less gratifying than it was back in the glory days of 2008 when he was regarded a god. While he seems to have decided he’ll have better luck on TV, the results of this have been lackluster at best.

In the meantime, I urge the Mythbuster guys to keep their radar sharp, ever focused on their mission to debunk myths and mythical creatures, especially mythical creatures that happen to wander in front of their cameras. I urge them, as well, to remember that their own credibility could be at stake if they play patty-cake too enthusiastically with this White House.