Where, Oh Where Are the Bragging Dems?

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We’re in the homestretch. Only one more week before what I and so many others hope and pray will be a tsunami that hits Washington, DC and state houses throughout the country.  We have waited so patiently, suffering through one slam against our great nation after another, never really believing we would find ourselves one week away from election day, November 2nd, a day that could prove to be the first shot in our nation’s rescue.

In anticipation of what promises to be an historic day for our nation, I have been doing my own rather unscientific survey of political ads for the many heated races across the country, and I have found a curious pattern. With all the left-wing celebration and adulation of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda over the past two years, why, oh why am I not seeing democrats bragging in their ads about the votes they offered up to the twisted trio to make their transformation/destruction of America a reality?

With very few exceptions, the democratic candidates I have tracked are mum on the votes they either sold or cast willingly for the health-care abomination, cap and tax, anything and everything Obama and his minions have mandated. Why aren’t they out there bragging, as well, about the insults they have hurled at voters at town hall meetings who dared to question their allegiance to the trio and their votes to socialize and destroy America?  And why aren’t they reiterating their collective belief that because they know what is best for “average” Americans, they vote as they are mandated to vote by their party, rather than according to the wishes of those they represent?

Instead they find themselves forced to use such terms as “Second Amendment,” “capitalism” and “small business” in a positive light.  Indeed “small business” seems to be the catch phrase of this election. As they utter the sacred phrase, democratic candidates hope and pray that the dolts who have elected them will never realize that their votes have been specifically designed to destroy small businesses and all who run and are employed by them.  Or we witness the strategy employed by California Senator Barbara Boxer: Hope the voters will forget your disgraceful treatment of military leaders and black business owners who don’t fall in line, and pray they will instead buy your criticisms of your extremely qualified opponent for her success at the helm of a major American corporation.  Of course, if all else fails, just call the opposition stupid.

It’s embarrassing at best, infuriating at worst. The dems — and some republicans, too, who have failed to catch the angry conservative wave that has hit the nation — have come to see that their votes, like ours, have consequences.  Now see them scramble in a last minute bid to fool their constituents. But I am not alone in my core belief that those constituents won’t be fooled again, and that come next Tuesday, those who have followed the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate, as well as that triumvirate itself, will be given the their walking papers.