Reflections on Election Day, November 2nd

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It’s been impossible to forget that today is November 2, 2010, a day so many of us have awaited so ardently for two years.  With the election results due to start trickling in in about an hour or so, some reflections from the day:

1.  Started the day with my usual non-scientific review of various news outlets and their early coverage of a potentially historic day for America.  Fox News proceeded as expected with wall-to-wall coverage, and CNN seemed fairly well focused, as well.  Then I clicked on MSNBC to find them discussing first, New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg; then the New York Yankees (they could at least have discussed the San Francisco Giants, who won the World Series last night); and, finally, a few minutes later, a panel discussing Barack Obama.  The upshot of the Obama discussion: If the blood-bath predictions for the democrats come true, Obama is so amazing he will handle it brilliantly and carry on as the most gifted and successful President the world has ever known.  And that was enough for me.

2.  Went to vote an hour after the polls opened and found my polling place far more crowded than usual, a situation that seemed true all over town.

3.  Perused some headlines and found that Barack Obama is backpeddling on his labeling of Americans who oppose him as “enemies.”  Too little, too late.

4.  Listened to Dennis Miller on the radio as people called in from all over the country to report their polling places were packed to the gills – and glorying in the fact that it took them up to two hours to vote.  Dennis was an absolute delight, as eloquent as always.

5.  Looked through a calendar I received today from the USO with my daughter.  It had us both teary-eyed, even moreso when I remembered that the votes of so many of our troops who sacrifice their lives daily for our nation, our families and our children will not be counted.  And that is just the way the democrats want it.

6.  Was barraged by endless political commercials, my own Congressman bragging only, and repeatedly, that he supported cancer research, but not a word about how he has obediently voted exactly as Obama/Pelosi/Reid have mandated in the House.

7.  Felt oddly and unexpectedly content and relaxed throughout the day.  Here’s hoping there’s a reason for that.  And now time to find out….