TSA Security: A Dream Job for Pedophiles?

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It appears a rebellion is brewing at America’s airports, and just as we enter the holiday-travel season.  The Napolitano/Obama Department of Homeland Security has mandated that air travelers will have two security options from which to choose if they are to be deemed safe for travel: Submit to radiation photography and add to Janet Napolitano’s naked picture collection (four images evidently being equivalent to a chest x-ray), or permit the TSA to perform a full-body pat-down of your full body and all its nooks and crannies (images of 1950s womens’ prison movies come to mind).

In response, airline pilots, who must also make the choice, are rightly incensed, Muslim organizations are demanding exemption on religious grounds and instructing their burka-clad women to allow only a pat-down of their heads and necks (now that exemption would certainly be ironic, wouldn’t it?), and travelers in general are just saying “No!”

I don’t know how it will shake out, although I must say I personally am not looking forward to my own upcoming holiday air travels.  I think back to my family’s flights across the country three months after 9/11, when, for some reason, my 5-year-old son was labeled a potential terrorist, a label that would stay with him for several years until he reached middle school.  Every time we would travel, and I mean every time, we would traverse the security gauntlet, and the TSA official would invariably say “Which one of you is…”  We would interrupt the official mid-sentence with “this is who you’re looking for,” as we pointed down at the young child beside us with tousled sandy hair and a t-shirt that we made sure featured an eagle and an American flag.

It became a joke, both for our family and for the rugged National Guardsmen whose job it was to stand guard over my son as he was checked for weapons and explosives.  My son started to look forward to that moment when a big, burly Guardsman, machine gun in hand, would say with a grin, “Come on over here, buddy,” and usher him aside for further inspection.  On many occasions, the Guardsmen would even let their young suspect examine their weapons, the likes of which were found nowhere on my son’s person, but surely contributed to his fascination with weapons today.

In time the federal government apparently realized that my son posed no threat to national security, and he has not been targeted for several years now.  But given the current state of airport security practices and the privacy-violating choices facing American air travelers in this age of non-profiling political correctness, my son’s years as a potential threat got me thinking.  Wouldn’t TSA security be today’s dream job for a pedophile?  Think about it.  The day consists either of taking naked pictures of children or patting them down physically.  What more could the garden-variety pedophile ask for?  And all with the stamp of approval from the U.S. Government’s Napolitano/Obama Department of Homeland Security.  I know I certainly feel safer.


  1. Gary
    Posted November 17, 2010 at 3:08 pm | Permalink

    It appears that the TSA has created a jobs and benefits program to appease some of Mr. Obama’s supporters that were crushed in the recent elections – gays, lesbians, and pedophiles. These folks can now get paid for doing what they love – groping people of the same sex in public and molesting our children and teenage daughters – all under the benevolent and approving gaze of their leader. How long will it be before the nude pictures of our kids are all over the internet??

  2. Debieblue
    Posted November 18, 2010 at 12:14 pm | Permalink

    It seems the information concerning the ‘berka’ clad ladies of the Muslim world are at this moment “exempt” from this atrocity. When questioned in a recent interview (just days ago) “Big Sis” remarked that the intrusive search and naked scanning of Muslim women was a mater that was “in the process of being addressed”. In other words…women in burkas do not “now” go through the same human degradation as the rest of humanity in this country.

    I ask…Why is that? Is it because the sole ‘implementor’ of this heinous travesty is Oh’Bummer himself…and he “is” a Muslim?

    Think about that America…the next time a TSA agent has his/her hand down your skivvies.