The Tipping Point Toward Fascism and a Young Boy in Salt Lake City

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We’re not in America anymore. While many of us have suspected this over the last few weeks in our slide toward fascism at America’s airports, it became official on November 19 when a young boy was stripped searched in public at Salt Lake City Airport as four TSA agents looked on.  The seach was naturally caught by cell phone by another passenger waiting for his own groping session, and it has gone viral on YouTube:


Disgusting, of course, was the sight itself of the small boy’s bare back as he was checked for weapons and explosives, but even more disgusting, more disturbing, more pornographic even, was the site of the TSA  agents standing watch – particularly the burly female in the bunch, who we will call Ilsa/Eva for obvious, rather chilling, reasons. She stands watching with a look of satisfaction on her face, her beefy arms crossed across her chest.

I felt nauseous after I viewed this footage. Who are these people? What country is this? And I am left thinking that of those TSA agents, I must believe that at least one (please more than one) watched this happening, knew how very wrong, how despicably disgraceful and fundamentally un-American this spectacle was. And I pray that today that one, whoever he or she is (could have been Ilsa/Eva), is berating himself or herself for not stepping in and saying simply: “Stop!”

But no such admonition came.  How empowering it would have been not only for that young boy being exploited so horribly by the Obama administration, but for our nation as a whole.  But, sadly, that simple word – “Stop!” — never came.The moment, that lost moment of redemption and salvation, became instead, once and for all, the tipping point to fascism.

No one is more pleased to see that lost opportunity replaced by this tipping point than Barack Obama, his wife, his handlers and his followers. Remember, too, that the timing of the groping and strip searches and all-out fascism that has erupted over the weeks following the democrat electoral bloodbath of November 2nd  is no coincidence.  We the people are to be punished for that bloodbath, and we are witnessing that punishment today and every day at America’s airports.  We can only hope that when a moment of redemption and salvation presents itself again, the good people in positions of authority who believe in this country will at last stand up and say “Stop!”

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    Arrogance and an extreme abuse of power are evident in this administration. Like a cancer it grows and will continue unless “we the people” stop it. It seems to me that no one has the T fortitude to say NO, THIS IS ENOUGH!!! STOP!! But instead, even though the majority votes against it, some arrogant judge or politician pulls the POWER card and stops the ball from rolling in the favor of our Constitution. What is going on with the lame Chief Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange?? Does she really realize the repercussions of her decision? The majority votes against and she abuses her power to vote for? She should be removed from her position. If one of us were in their country would they use our laws in their courts? It is all happening slowly – little by little, creeping in, until all the “little” pieces add up to be huge, and then what? The end of the U.S.A. as we knew it when our fathers fought in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam etc.. This is not right! When will we stand up for our rights?? When the enemy has taken us?