California Conservatism on the Eve of 2011

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Made it back to New York from California on this eve of 2011, and it was a rewarding journey all around. The highlight: nine airports all over the western United States in as many days, and not a single body scan, not a single pat-down. I’d like to think it’s because my little clan exudes a don’t-tread-on-me vibe, but I don’t think so. Let’s just say I thank the TSA for profiling, and I thank them for treating us with dignity.

I was equally pleased throughout my journey from the results of my completely non-scientific survey of bumper stickers observed on the many freeways I traversed throughout the state of California, north to south and back again. Though I spent time in the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw only one Obama sticker. One. And that one was the only liberal-leaning message I would see on those West Coast cars throughout those nine days.

Indeed even more stunning than the lack of Obama/Pelosi/leftist accolades in my completely unscientific survey, was the overwhelming avalanche of conservative-minded comments people had slapped on their cars.  Many of those cars were big, gas-guzzling SUVs, including the one sporting a “Capitalist” sticker, the answer to the politically correct “Coexist” message liberals like to paste to their tiny, tinny, death-trappy “smart” cars.

Yes, throughout those California freeways, from north to south and back again, I found drivers proclaiming proudly their belief in Tea Party patriotism; the hope of Election Day, November 2012; the radicalism of our nation’s founders; the Don’t-Tread-on-Me mindset; and anything and everything to do with gun rights; as well as the command that this administration “Change it Back!” And not a single one of these vehicles appeared to have been keyed or vandalized in any way.

Now I realize California disappointed us mightily back on Election Day 2010 – though I still believe part of that blame rests with the “mainstream” republican party that was, and perhaps still is, trying to play nice-nice with the left. Nevertheless, on this eve of 2011, my own completely unscientific survey left me feeling pretty hopeful that perhaps California – and that misguided republican party – will change its course in the next couple of years.

Don’t let us down next time, California (and misguided mainstream republican party). As your economy plummets toward bankruptcy, thanks to the liberal policies and the greedy politicians that guide them, take note of those little signs on your freeways. I, in the meantime, will be thinking positively for our country as a whole on this eve of 2011, hoping and believing that what we witnessed during the bloodbath that was Election Day 2010, was only the spark for what lies ahead in the next two years.  Happy 2011, everyone. Keep the faith.

Obama Praises Dog Torturer Michael Vick

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So let’s get this straight.  The leader of the free world and the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces took a break from transforming America to praise the Philadelphia Eagles for offering a “second chance” to an NFL quarterback who electrocuted and tortured dogs in the name of fun and profit.  In other words, Barack Obama praised the Philadelphia Eagles for offering quarterback Michael Vick a second opportunity to toss the pigskin around and win cheers and adulation from Barack Obama.

As one dog lover of my acquaintance remarked upon hearing this latest bit of conscience-less drivel from the leader of the free world and the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces, “Is he doing everything he can to alienate every pocket of the United States population?” Yes he is, my friend, because, you see, this man, out of touch as he is and viewing his own dog as nothing but a photo-op prop, has no idea how devoted we Americans tend to be to the canine species (it’s a safe bet he has never seen “Old Yeller”). And I say, keep up the good work, leader of the free world and commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces!

Indeed I hope all the animal-welfare folks who voted for this clown are listening, and I pray they keep their memories sharp.  This is just more evidence of a severely damaged human being.  We already know Vick falls into that category (given what he did – and what he would still be doing had he not been caught), and now Obama proudly proclaims his own place beside a man he essentially proclaims a hero. Let those of us who care about dogs and other small animals make a pact to keep all animals away from Obama and Vick – and that includes you, Obama girls! Keep your Bo away from daddy (easy to do, if you just make sure there are no cameras around whenever Bo is about).

Merry Christmas, 2010

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Here’s wishing all a very merry Christmas on this 25th day of December.  As the pastor said at the mass I attended this morning, may we all be grateful for our blessings – remembering today what we have, not what we don’t have.

In this spirit, may we also remember our men and women in the armed forces who are today far from their homes and families, sacrificing what they have to protect us and our freedoms.  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful to them for that great sacrifice, which is, and always has been, the heart and soul of America.  I pray they will know that the vast majority of us here on the homefront of this great nation we love, are grateful not only for that nation, but for them and their families, as well – on Christmas day and every day.

Airport Security, Aunt Bee and Me

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Ever since my lengthy coverage (aka, justified meltdown) of the Napolitano/Obama airport screening mandates for the TSA back before Thanksgiving, I have wondered how my own holiday travels would transpire once it was time for my family to fly across the country from New York to California for Christmas.  Well, yesterday marked the first leg of the journey, and I am happy, though somewhat perplexed, to report that I have no out-of-our-ordinary travel experiences to report.

We arrived nice and early at the airport, expecting a longer wait thanks to holiday travels and heightened security procedures.  We approached the security checkpoint.  We saw the scanners.  We saw travelers that looked like they could have been regulars on “The Andy Griffith Show,” their arms outstretched, being scanned.  We saw travelers ushered aside for pat-downs.  My kids asked if they would be patted down.  My kids asked if they would be strip searched.  My kids knew that if I was patted down, I would hope for something entirely inappropriate to occur.

We approached the podium for preliminary TSA vetting of our paperwork.   We were deemed fit for boarding. We walked to the familiar conveyor belt and began the procedure we have done a thousand times before like a well-oiled machine: removing shoes and jackets; taking computers out of carry-ons; throwing belts, watches and small containers of liquids into the gray bins.  We were ushered one by one through the metal detector…..and…..that was it.  “Thanks very much,” said the burly TSA agent standing at the finish line as he directed us back to our long line of belongings waiting for us on the conveyor belt.  Okay then. No scanning, no pat-downs, no strip searches for us.

It was not so pleasant an experience for everyone in our line, however. As we were reassembling our carry-ons and pulling on boots, we watched the progress of an elderly woman – a grandma-type who could have easily played Aunt Bee on the old “Andy Griffith Show” – as she traversed the security gauntlet.  She was ushered through the metal detector, then scanned in the scanner (which just a few days ago failed to reveal a gun a Pakistani man had on his person), then patted down physically, then sent through the metal detector again. Apparently Aunt Bee has been targeted by Obama and minion Napolitano as a serious threat to the national security of the United States.

Our spirits daunted a bit by what we had just witnessed, we reached our gate and learned from the cable news being broadcast there that the lame-duck session of the 111th record-low-approval-rating Congress had finally called it quits for the year after furiously setting a record in the lame-duck passage of bills. “Thank God!” I exclaimed. Looking back, I guess it’s fortunate I didn’t hear that news before going through security, or I would no doubt have found myself receiving the Aunt-Bee security treatment, as well.

A Christmas Miracle Update on the Update

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Yeehaa!  It’s a Christmas miracle.  Just when we thought Harry Reid and his gang were going to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in a despicable lame-duck weekend session, the so-called Dream Act has died in the Senate.

Just another sign, I’d say, of the failure of twisted democratic strategies designed to fool the American people — in this case a strategy where the dems work their dark magic when they think we aren’t looking (weekends, the wee hours of the morning, and the ever-popular Christmastime).  But we have made it clear we are looking, and we won’t tolerate them treading on us anymore. God bless us, everyone!

Update on the Lame-Duck Congressional Tantrum

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Much has changed over the last 24 hours or so since I wrote about the current lame-duck congressional tantrum, and, if the democrats have their way, even more is set to change in the next 48, as well.

Since my original post on the lame-duck congressional tantrum, the Senate voted to extend the Bush tax rates (much to the chagrin of the leftist democrats), and Obama signed it (again, the chagrin – and, despite the signature, that includes Obama’s, as well). And, in what some have heralded a surprise move, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV),  shelved the godawful, earmark-laden, trillion-something omnibus spending bill. A good thing, yes, but, as we now see, done only to clear the way for other wildly vilified pet projects of this flock of hysterical lame ducks.

In keeping with their tradition of jamming through those wildly vilified, not to mention unconstitutional, laws and policies during weekends, holidays (particular Christmas), and in the middle of the night, the democrat majority in the U.S. Senate is positioned on this fine December Friday to use the coming weekend to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and, time permitting, fiddle around with the military “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  Don’t be surprised if they tackle the START Treaty, as well, which would strip Eastern Europe of American missile defense: a Christmas gift for Russia, a lump of coal for the likes of Poland and the Czech Republic.

It would seem, then, that this lame-duck Senate has its work cut out for it. The Senators intend to use the next two days to label “legal” millions of people who have violated our laws on local, federal and Constitutional levels, for no other reason than their ability to bypass the fabric and foundation of our nation that our founders put in place, and that those in our armed forces have shed blood to preserve and protect.  Should these so-called “representatives” decide to entertain START, as well, it’s a safe bet the material will go largely unread since a big chunk of it is reportedly written in Russian.  Of course, they admit never reading what they sign anyway, so what difference does it make?

What a disgrace for a gaggle of anti-military leftists to make earthshattering policies on national defense and strategy – or earthshattering policies on anything — during a rushed lame-duck session hours before Christmas.  But if we the people are to be properly punished, it must be done.  Just keep in mind that we the punished (and enraged) will not forget.

Congress and Obama in the Throes of a Final Tantrum

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In a flurry of legislative hysteria matched only by the desperation we witnessed when they jammed Obamacare down our throats earlier this year, the members of the democrat majority in the current U.S. Congress are at this moment voting with ignorant abandon on anything and everything that strikes their collective fancy before 2010 comes to an end. Never mind how their constituents, let alone the American people at large, feel about it. Their clock is ticking. They have only a handful of hours left to inflict as much damage as they can before they are shown the door.

Every hour, on the hour, a new vote, a new breathless announcement, including the first vote for amnesty for illegal aliens (though known in the touchy-feely world as the “Dream Act,” it’s the “Nightmare Act” for those of us who believe in the rule and law and see this as simply a ploy to anoint a fresh influx of new democratic voters); a monstrous spending bill with a price tag exceeding the trillion-dollar mark; Michelle Obama’s tell-parents-what-their-kids-can-and-cannot-eat bill; and earmarks, earmarks, earmarks.

It began with the debate over Obama’s sudden and desperate pet project — the infamous bill to extend the Bush tax rates – which Obama hopes America will use as a prism through which to see his pretended centrist and concerned- about-America side. “Boo, hoo!” the leader of the free world whimpered to his leftwing congressional minions.  If you don’t pass this tax bill, my presidency is over! This pathetic plea was preceded by a press conference last weekend, during which we witnessed Obama’s most dramatic show of weakness to date, when he shared an official presidential podium with the last dem to hold his office, Bill Clinton.

Obama quickly acknowledged his defeat in this ultimate clash of the narcissists, when he retreated, his tail between his legs, claiming in so many words that his wife would bust his you-know-what for keeping her waiting – an embarrassing, cringe-worthy moment for America, a glorious moment for Bill Clinton. And a glorious moment for the members of the Washington press corps, so giddy were they to have good old Bill standing at that podium once more before the great seal of the President of the United States – and without a teleprompter.

While Clinton beamed, Obama blanched, his retreat painting him symbolically and officially as the weakest President in our history. We could see this in his body language and his expression, the same expression no doubt clouding the mugs of all those multi-decade career Representatives and Senators at this moment voting with such abandon on Capitol Hill. Shirking their responsibilities to their representative democracy, their people and their Constitution, these hacks know that their furious votes, designed as they are to punish the American people for November 2nd, will be their last. They know that come January, the reign of this Congress and their democrat majority comes to an end.  It would appear Mr. Obama knows that, for all practical purposes, his reign is over, too.

Pearl Harbor, a High School Debate, and Arming Our Daughters

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Sixty-nine years ago today, Japan ushered our nation into World War II with an early morning decimation of our Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor.  Imagine sitting in a typical American living room on that day of infamy, 1941, gathered with the family around the large domed ratio, listening to words from the tinny speakers almost too shocking to believe. Though I was not around in 1941 to have shared that moment, I, along with anyone reading this now, was alive and well on a terrible day in September 60 years later, when another early morning attack would, like Pearl Harbor, shake us to our core and usher us into a war with those hellbent on destroying our great nation.

Driven as I am always to find connections, I think, as well, today about a great debate that erupted organically in my son’s high school social studies class a week or so ago.  The topic: the necessity of war. As expected, many in the class regurgitated the tired liberal – fatally pre-programmed — axiom: War is never the answer. My son and his best friend held the opposing view – a view that will one day in such a setting earn them the title of “warmonger” or similar tired liberal labels. But they may take comfort from the countless souls in this world, past and present, who, in times of unspeakable circumstance and evil, are and would be forever grateful to those men and women who recognized when war was truly the only answer.

So I say to those who believe otherwise, go ahead and cling to your “war is never the answer” cliché. Ignore the suffering and salvation of victims and survivors of the Holocaust.  Ignore the suffering and salvation of men and women shackled and punished under despotic and primitive rules of “law.” And ignore the suffering and liberation of people throughout the world held as slaves and/or sentenced to the wonton cruelties and absurd policies of tyrants. Only then can you truly embrace the notion that “war is never the answer.” But for many, if not most of us, the enormity of the human suffering that has been relieved when one side takes up arms against another proves too powerful to ignore.

Which brings me to yet another connection: an article I stumbled upon yesterday on the Town Hall website entitled “Girls Just Want to Have Guns.” Here author Doug Giles discusses in graphic detail the atrocities committed against young women in our so-called feminist society – a sad and despicable state of affairs that could be averted if we only prepared our girls to declare war on the perpetrators with martial arts and weapons training.

Though the response to Mr. Giles’ piece was overwhelmingly supportive from people who obviously do wish to see their daughters, wives, moms, sisters and friends protected and prepared to fight when necessary, peppered throughout, as well, were the typical wimpy, worn anti-gun, kumbaya liberal “self-defense is never the answer” gibberish.

So once again the liberals tell us it’s just dandy to ignore a fascist dictator who is destroying an entire population with gas and ovens, because, you see, war is never the answer. Once again the liberals tell us they are perfectly content to allow tyrants to torture, maim and murder in a demented quest for power and entertainment, because, you see, war is never the answer. Indeed the morally and intellectually superior liberal types find it both commendable and necessary to accept rape, home invasion and indiscriminant murder, even against members of one’s own family, one’s own children, because, you see, war, guns, martial arts, knives, self-defense and self-protection are never the answer.

Pretty twisted viewpoint, if you ask me.  I’ll stick with those among us – the majority, I believe – who know that sometimes war is the only answer, whether that be war between nations or war waged by criminals and terrorists against our families on the homefront. And on this day, an infamous December 7th, I thank those men and women who gave their lives in Pearl Harbor that day, and every day before and after that day to keep our nation, our families and our children safe.