Pearl Harbor, a High School Debate, and Arming Our Daughters

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Sixty-nine years ago today, Japan ushered our nation into World War II with an early morning decimation of our Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor.  Imagine sitting in a typical American living room on that day of infamy, 1941, gathered with the family around the large domed ratio, listening to words from the tinny speakers almost too shocking to believe. Though I was not around in 1941 to have shared that moment, I, along with anyone reading this now, was alive and well on a terrible day in September 60 years later, when another early morning attack would, like Pearl Harbor, shake us to our core and usher us into a war with those hellbent on destroying our great nation.

Driven as I am always to find connections, I think, as well, today about a great debate that erupted organically in my son’s high school social studies class a week or so ago.  The topic: the necessity of war. As expected, many in the class regurgitated the tired liberal – fatally pre-programmed — axiom: War is never the answer. My son and his best friend held the opposing view – a view that will one day in such a setting earn them the title of “warmonger” or similar tired liberal labels. But they may take comfort from the countless souls in this world, past and present, who, in times of unspeakable circumstance and evil, are and would be forever grateful to those men and women who recognized when war was truly the only answer.

So I say to those who believe otherwise, go ahead and cling to your “war is never the answer” cliché. Ignore the suffering and salvation of victims and survivors of the Holocaust.  Ignore the suffering and salvation of men and women shackled and punished under despotic and primitive rules of “law.” And ignore the suffering and liberation of people throughout the world held as slaves and/or sentenced to the wonton cruelties and absurd policies of tyrants. Only then can you truly embrace the notion that “war is never the answer.” But for many, if not most of us, the enormity of the human suffering that has been relieved when one side takes up arms against another proves too powerful to ignore.

Which brings me to yet another connection: an article I stumbled upon yesterday on the Town Hall website entitled “Girls Just Want to Have Guns.” Here author Doug Giles discusses in graphic detail the atrocities committed against young women in our so-called feminist society – a sad and despicable state of affairs that could be averted if we only prepared our girls to declare war on the perpetrators with martial arts and weapons training.

Though the response to Mr. Giles’ piece was overwhelmingly supportive from people who obviously do wish to see their daughters, wives, moms, sisters and friends protected and prepared to fight when necessary, peppered throughout, as well, were the typical wimpy, worn anti-gun, kumbaya liberal “self-defense is never the answer” gibberish.

So once again the liberals tell us it’s just dandy to ignore a fascist dictator who is destroying an entire population with gas and ovens, because, you see, war is never the answer. Once again the liberals tell us they are perfectly content to allow tyrants to torture, maim and murder in a demented quest for power and entertainment, because, you see, war is never the answer. Indeed the morally and intellectually superior liberal types find it both commendable and necessary to accept rape, home invasion and indiscriminant murder, even against members of one’s own family, one’s own children, because, you see, war, guns, martial arts, knives, self-defense and self-protection are never the answer.

Pretty twisted viewpoint, if you ask me.  I’ll stick with those among us – the majority, I believe – who know that sometimes war is the only answer, whether that be war between nations or war waged by criminals and terrorists against our families on the homefront. And on this day, an infamous December 7th, I thank those men and women who gave their lives in Pearl Harbor that day, and every day before and after that day to keep our nation, our families and our children safe.


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    An amazing piece, as always Betsy, thank you. I agree with you totally. My father and two uncles fought in WWII. Another uncle welded ships as they were hit by torpedos. I stand by our country, I stand by our Heros, Soldiers, Veterans and all that believe in our Constitution.

    There are people out there, esp. at the top, who believe that if we play nice, nice and show how kind and friendly we are with the terrorists, they will be nice to us. What these far left kool aide drinking liberals really do not realize is, as soon as we play nice and then turn our back, we are DEAD. They do not care, they laugh at us. It does not matter to them because they are on a mission. A mission to eliminate us, completely. Annihilate. On a day to remember, the two main Boston newspapers did not recognize this very important day. It makes me sick inside, don’t they realize why they are alive and living the life of choice? It is because of war and military protection. They don’t get it. Even when you tell them, they don’t get it. We must protect ourselves from the perpetrators, we must be aware and observant at all times, especially in these times.

    And I thank ALL of our Veterans from all of the past wars and present wars. I thank all of our Soldiers who are fighting while we are safe and warm in our homes and with our families. And I thank all of our Heros who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for my sons and my freedom and safety. And I will continue to thank them over and over again. There will never be enough thanks for what they have done for us.

    May GOD BLESS all of our Soldiers, Heros, and Veterans – Always and Forever. They are all Heros!

    I pray that the ignorant will one day soon realize that they could not be and have what they have without our Soldiers, Heros, and Veterans.

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    My 19 year old daughter just earned her Black Belt on Saturday. This mom couldn’t be more relieved and proud that she is able to defend herself.

  3. Betsy Siino
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    Congratulations to both you and your daughter! My daughter has a ways to go yet, but I am so pleased that she is being trained to take care of herself. I just wish more parents would realize the value of martial arts training for their daughters (and sons, too, of course); instead, far too many are horrified at the thought of girls learning to punch and kick and, in the process, possibly save their own lives. Predators of all species, especially our own, are far less likely to choose would-be targets whose self-confidence suggests that they may be able to fight back.

  4. John Doe
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    We had a similar debate in my highschool english class; even my extremely liberal teacher was surprised at how naive some of the arguments were… Especially any time Hitler was brought up. Some of them thought that we should’ve tried more peaceful solutions to Hitler. By the way this is an honors class.