Update on the Lame-Duck Congressional Tantrum

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Much has changed over the last 24 hours or so since I wrote about the current lame-duck congressional tantrum, and, if the democrats have their way, even more is set to change in the next 48, as well.

Since my original post on the lame-duck congressional tantrum, the Senate voted to extend the Bush tax rates (much to the chagrin of the leftist democrats), and Obama signed it (again, the chagrin – and, despite the signature, that includes Obama’s, as well). And, in what some have heralded a surprise move, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV),  shelved the godawful, earmark-laden, trillion-something omnibus spending bill. A good thing, yes, but, as we now see, done only to clear the way for other wildly vilified pet projects of this flock of hysterical lame ducks.

In keeping with their tradition of jamming through those wildly vilified, not to mention unconstitutional, laws and policies during weekends, holidays (particular Christmas), and in the middle of the night, the democrat majority in the U.S. Senate is positioned on this fine December Friday to use the coming weekend to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and, time permitting, fiddle around with the military “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.  Don’t be surprised if they tackle the START Treaty, as well, which would strip Eastern Europe of American missile defense: a Christmas gift for Russia, a lump of coal for the likes of Poland and the Czech Republic.

It would seem, then, that this lame-duck Senate has its work cut out for it. The Senators intend to use the next two days to label “legal” millions of people who have violated our laws on local, federal and Constitutional levels, for no other reason than their ability to bypass the fabric and foundation of our nation that our founders put in place, and that those in our armed forces have shed blood to preserve and protect.  Should these so-called “representatives” decide to entertain START, as well, it’s a safe bet the material will go largely unread since a big chunk of it is reportedly written in Russian.  Of course, they admit never reading what they sign anyway, so what difference does it make?

What a disgrace for a gaggle of anti-military leftists to make earthshattering policies on national defense and strategy – or earthshattering policies on anything — during a rushed lame-duck session hours before Christmas.  But if we the people are to be properly punished, it must be done.  Just keep in mind that we the punished (and enraged) will not forget.