Missing Obama and Not Missing Him at All

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I’m feeling slightly guilty right now, because, after many similar and unsuccessful attempts in the past not to watch Obama speak, tonight I really did it.  Tonight I made the conscious decision to miss the State of the Union Address, and, adhering to that commitment, I am not watching the State of the Union Address. I understand several of the Supreme Court Justices so inappropriately humiliated during the last go-round have apparently made the same decision.

My guilt is only slight, because I know I’m not missing anything at all. Obama has given hundreds of speeches since becoming president. I have watched almost all of them, so I suppose I have earned the right to miss one from time to time — and get a much better night’s sleep than I would if I tuned in.

I also don’t feel the need to watch foolish republican congresspeople (John McCain, for one: no suprise there), who vowed they would join the kumbaya chorus with their rivals by sitting next to them in a show of “civility” or whatever they want to call it. If they have indeed followed through with that vow, they are showing us not their civility, but their support for their rivals’ policies; their lack of respect for the bloodbath of November 2, 2010; and a betrayal of the American people who made that bloodbath happen. In addition, they will be ignoring the fact that if the dems had held their majority in the House, they would be thumbing their noses in the faces of the right tonight, rather than squealing that the victorious right must reach across the aisle. Public displays by useful idiots are always pathetic — and dangerous — spectacles to behold.

Also pathetic, and worthy of missing, is yet another attempt by Obama to appear centrist, mechanically offering platitudes about the American economy, the American spirit and the American people — after spending last week kowtowing to the president of China and stating he “welcomes China’s rise.” This caps, of course, his last two years of implementing policies (we all know what they are), that the vast majority of Americans oppose, and that, if allowed to succeed, will destroy the miraculous experiment that is America.

The bottom line: I don’t need to watch this president pretend he is someone he’s not in a desperate attempt to salvage his own exalted position. I don’t need to watch him try to fool an American population he regards as inferior and ignorant and easily swayed with folksy phrases. His own incompetence and emotional scars aside, this man has made clear for years his disdain for this nation, her people and her history, and his overriding desire to “transform” her into an entity that does not begin to resemble what is blueprinted in our Constitution. Only a fool at this point would believe a sudden and embarrassingly transparent change in his message — or grant him a second term.

Imagined Reflections on a Memorial in Tucson

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He kissed her good-bye that morning. Gave her a hug and told her to have fun. Then he began his Saturday work around the house.

The phone rang. He picked it up. Yes, speaking. What? No, he hadn’t heard. Terrible. No. What?

Oh, God.

The next days were fog, thick and blinding. The shock. The pain. The casseroles. He didn’t know where he was. He barely knew who he was. He heard familiar voices around him, he heard their pain, but he didn’t register faces. The only face he wanted was hers.

Wednesday. A memorial. You need to be there, they told him. It will help. Closure. You need closure, they said. It’s too soon, he told himself. But he needed to be there, they told him. So he would be. For her.

They arrived. Right on time. Just as they were told.  Along with all the others. Right on time. Here? he wondered. A smiling young blond ushered him, them, in to the arena. An arena? he wondered. Didn’t seem right.

Someone handed him a t-shirt. No, not right at all. “No,” he muttered, shaking his head, pushing the item away. “Okay,” the someone said. “If you’re sure…” He was. He walked to the next usher. The next handler. The next smiling young blond. Here. Sit here. The front row, she said. That’s right. Perfect. “So exciting,” he heard her whisper to another.

He closed his eyes. Took a breath. And he waited. As the place grew louder with voices. Distant giggles. Shouts. A rumbling din. What you hear while waiting for a basketball game. At an arena.

Time passed. He opened his eyes. Crowds still streamed in. Smiling faces. Tens of thousands. Not one known to him. He waited. Until the applause signaled him to attention. And the cheering. It had begun. This memorial.

Enter the parade. A medicine man. Some music. Faces from television, from the news, from the nation’s capitol. He didn’t know them. They didn’t know her. They spoke. And they would point at him, smile at him. And the tens of thousands would cheer. More words. A disjointed blur. A disjointed slur. Thanks for coming…a great university…the creator…a letter from Paul…be civil…such a tragedy…be civil…be better. And they would applaud. Those tens of thousands. Applauding. Cheering. Whistling. So exciting.

And deafening. Pounding in his head. Echoing, vibrating from the seats high above. So exciting. And now they were standing. He guessed he should too. Right? More words. More applause. More standing. More whistles and cheers. He heard her name. And they were clapping. And looking at him, smiling. And crushing his ribs.

They stood again. It was over. Done. This memorial. You need to be there, they had told him. It will help. He followed them out. Those tens of thousands. Back to the car. Back to his home.

He walked inside. He looked around. She would not be waiting there. Now, or ever again. He looked at the faces around him. Faces known to him. And to her. Voices familiar. How wrong they had been. “What was that?” he asked. They had no answers this time. All they could do was shrug and shake their heads.

Obama Delights a Raucous Audience with Tonight’s “Memorial” Speech in Tucson

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I tried so hard not to watch Obama’s speech in Arizona tonight, but, as usual, it found me, and I have no choice but to be watching it now. What I am seeing is a presidential campaign speech, a rock concert…anything but a memorial honoring Americans who were savagely murdered by a madman last Saturday.

I won’t call it a memorial address, because from the very moment Obama was introduced, it became a rowdy, raucous campaign event, complete with repeated standing ovations for the pres, Obama’s customary pauses following the perfectly choreographed “applause” and “laugh” lines that pepper his speech, and an audience’s abject disregard for the tragic events that led to this moment. While the audience’s embarrassing behavior is not Obama’s fault, a man of true compassion and emotion would have taken the stage in the midst of the applause and cat calls and whistles and hollers and shouted them down.  I envision such a man thrusting his arms into the air and shouting, “No! That’s not why we’re here! Show some respect! This isn’t about me!” But as we know, it’s always about him.

There is much evocation of “God,” heroism and civility in tonight’s speech, but those applause lines, so fast and furious, whisk us back to that ridiculous State of the Union Address, where the Congress punctuated Obama’s every sentence with this same applause, this same idolatrous slobbering. Obama is now offering synopses of each of the victims whose lives were destroyed last Saturday — apparently, as Obama’s lapdogs in the media and in the government would have us believe, because of those on the right who oppose this president and his policies.

In keeping with that theme, Obama speaks now about keeping the discourse civil. Missing from his current treatise on civility, however, is mention of his own past instructions to his followers: Bring a gun to a knife fight, “get in the faces” of those who oppose us, and “punish” our “enemies.” No, tonight we delight in an Obama speech, where a few touching moments are nestled within strings of generic inspirational phrases, capped by the repeated message that we must “be better” (translated as “agree with me and carry out all that I ask because I know what’s good for you”).

And now the speech, as well as the so-called “memorial,” comes to an end. Obama’s lapdogs will no doubt herald it as the most incredible speech ever given anywhere by anyone at any time in all of human history. He would have impressed me if he had, with details not platitudes, scolded those who have used this tragedy, this atrocity, for their own political purposes: a congressman who has already used the events to raise money for his 2012 reelection campaign, left-wing journalists and elected officials who instantly blamed the right for the deranged shooter’s actions, a sheriff who immediately blamed high-profile individuals on the right rather than acknowledge that he himself failed to take seriously the known threat presented by the alleged perpetrator, left-wing congresspeople who have used the attack to further their own political agendas that include gun control and the silencing of anyone who opposes the left…the list goes on and on. And on.

The pundits are now praising the president’s speech, obviously far more impressed by it than I was. Go ahead and chastise me for my lack of civility, but the time comes when you know too much about a person and the damage he or she has done to your country to trust anything that individual says, even in times of tragedy. My daughter just asked what I would have done if I had been in that audience tonight as a relative of one of the victims. I told her I would have done what I wish the president had done. I would have stood up and shouted down the idiotic applause and shoutouts and whistles and scolded an audience that apparently mistook a memorial for victims of a mass murderer for a Springsteen concert. The president should have taken control of that audience and straightened them out. He didn’t. I wish someone had.

Epic Tragedy in Tucson By the Hand of Epic Evil

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 On Saturday a massacre at a town hall gathering in Tucson, Arizona, offered us yet another sad and terrible reminder that evil is alive and well and living among us.

Allegedly embodied this time in the figure of a twisted 22-year-old “loner,” this latest evidence of evil would claim, before it was stopped by heroism from would-be victims in the crowd, the lives of six people, including a 9-year-old girl, a federal judge, a congressional aide and three civic-minded senior citizens. It would leave in its wake, as well, thirteen others seriously injured, including a U.S. Congresswoman, who took a bullet to her head and remains in critical condition.

Within minutes, the left took the tragedy and ran with it, blaming the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, pro-gun interests, conservative policies, and even George W. Bush. Within minutes, bills were prepared to restrict American gun ownership, as though such laws have ever kept weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of twisted, mentally deranged loners intent on decimating human life. Within minutes legislative plans were drafted to protect congressional representatives and federal officials from “threatening” language or public opposition, as though congressional representatives and federal officials are somehow more deserving of protection than a 9-year-old girl or any other American. We can assume, as well, that within minutes, arrangements were made to ensure that the congressional representatives using this tragedy to restrict American gun ownership will continue to enjoy their own armed protection from evil.

All of these instantaneous responses were set in motion before it came to light that the alleged perpetrator, currently in custody, counted Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto as favorite books (hardly typical Tea Party reading). If indeed it is proven, as has been alleged, that the perpetrator is a “left-wing pothead,” will the media and pundits who rushed to the Tea-Party-Palin-Bush judgment acknowledge that democratic Congresswoman  Gabrielle Giffords was “targeted” for career destruction by their own left-wing blogosphere for her more moderate position on their pet issues? Doubtful.

Now is no time to fling blame or to use such an epic tragedy for a political agenda as is being so disgracefully done. It is time to mourn for the victims of this twisted individual’s actions. And, with those victims and their families in our thoughts and prayers, we must mourn as well for our divided nation that is afflicted by an evil far too many refuse to acknowledge, an evil fed by a culture of alienated souls hungry for infamy they can find readily available on reality TV, YouTube and Facebook. Evil is among us.  Always has been. Always will be. The only way we may fight it is not with knee-jerk, agenda-driven political jockeying, but by recognizing it for what it is and offering it no quarter, no excuse, no whitewash, no sanctuary. Ever.

Despite an Irritating Guest, Sarah’s Family Sparkles in the Last Frontier

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Several people (you know who you are) insisted that I check out a recent episode of Sarah Palin’s reality show on the TLC cable network. The episode in question features a guest appearance by the irritating Kate Gosselin, “star” of another TLC “reality” show — “Kate Exploits 8,” or whatever it’s called – which finds her shamelessly using her children for her own self-aggrandizement.

Though I followed this directive, allow me first to say that I have tried to ignore the existence of Sarah’s show, her appearance in such a project a disappointment to me. But I watched anyway, and though Gosselin’s disgraceful “performance” had me praying even more fervently for the end of her 15 minutes of inexplicable fame, I was pleased to see Sarah and her clan emerge so lovable and “genuine,” in keeping with the alleged mission of so-called “reality” shows, most of which are anything but.

Indeed Sarah and her family sparkled, from Sarah’s dad, a retired biology teacher who mesmerized the kids (and the TV audience) with his house, a residential natural history museum; to Sarah’s hubby Todd, who escaped the guest star’s nonsense to go fishing alone, leaving his wife envious of said escape; to Sarah’s kids who were disgusted by the guest star’s failure even to try and enjoy an Alaskan camping trip; to the guest star’s exploited children, who were in seventh heaven spending time with the Palins in the Alaskan wilderness.

Failing to sparkle in any way was guest-star Gosselin, who lasted only a couple of hours on the camping trip, after which she guilted/threatened her kids to leave with her in her wimpy, whiny retreat. How sad for those kids, who, understandably, wanted to stay with the mama grizzly, the grandpa grizzly, and their clan. I don’t even want to think of what awaits those kids when puberty hits – and when their mom’s 15 minutes does finally come to a much deserved end.

Of course, Kate seems to believe that those 15 minutes will last forever.  Before she humiliated herself in the Last Frontier, she whined to Sarah that they are two peas in a pod because they both understand the slings and arrows of media scrutiny. Sorry, Kate, you are nothing like Sarah, whose media scrutiny arises from the profound and genuine threat she poses to the twisted, leftist power base of the United States. Kate also failed to mention that whenever her own media scrutiny begins to wane, she does anything she can to get it back – posing for some cheesy magazine in a bikini, crying on insipid women’s talk shows, trotting out the kids, being surgically enhanced – whatever it takes.

As the show ended, I was left lamenting the missed opportunity I had just witnessed. Before embarking on the camping trip, the Palins thought Gosselin might need some training in grizzly-country safety. Having had extensive training myself in this area, I couldn’t help but imagine a scene where the bear expert advises guest-star Kate that if she should stumble upon a lone grizzly cub out in the wilderness, by all means pick the little guy up, cuddle him and hug him, tickle his tummy, and feed him crackers and M&Ms. Little grizzly cubs just love this – especially when mama is nearby. To those of you who know what I’m saying here, well, those 15 minutes….over. Yep, sadly, a lost opportunity. Sigh. (Just kidding. Sort of.)

Sage Parental Advice from the Obamas for the New Year

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Just before jetting off recently for yet another of their luxury, multi-million-dollar sojourns in Hawaii, the Obamas took the time to offer yet more of their sage advice — mandated new year’s resolutions, if you will — to the peasants.

First, as part of Michelle Obama’s ongoing war against obesity (read that phrase any way you wish), the First Lady lauded the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act” that will regulate what children eat in federally funded meal programs. The cynical among us see this as only the first shot fired in Obama’s ongoing attempt to mandate what children eat in their own homes and restaurants, as well, evident from the FLOTUS’ illuminating comment at her husband’s signing of this act that “we can’t just leave it up to the parents.”

Obama continued, stating that “childhood obesity isn’t just a public health threat, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat, as well” (oh, if only she, her husband and their rabidly devoted minions would describe extreme fundamental jihadists with those same words). But fear not, America. Though Mrs. Obama has targeted many of America’s best-loved foods for abolition in her war against this alleged national-security threat, let us take solace from the fact that she does from time to time grant us permission to partake of those forbidden, national-security-threatening foods. Indeed just this past November, she granted us permission to eat pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving.

Not to be outshone by his wife, Barack Obama offered his own words of wisdom several days later, when he took time from his busy schedule as leader of the free world and commander-in-chief of the American armed forces to promote some children’s book, that, like several other books we might name, lists “Barack Obama” as the author. The leader of the free world’s topic on this day as he spoke to a group of Virginia schoolkids: poop scooping.

“….a lot of times, I walk Bo at night, and that’s fun,” a folksy Obama told the kids in reference to the dog he named after himself. “Sometimes I run around with Bo, although I have to — sometimes I have to scoop up his poop, because I don’t want to just leave it in the lawn.”

Obama continued, “So if you guys have a dog, you got to walk your dog, too, and clean up after him a little bit,” not only speaking down to the kids, but doing so with improper grammar, using an example that showed them what it means to be perfectly unpresidential. (It’s a safe bet he, shall we say, fudged the truth, as well, since we know there is no way he has ever scooped poop at the White House or anywhere else).  No word on whether Obama needed a teleprompter for this event, or if Bill Clinton was waiting in the wings to push him off the stage to offer the kids sage poop-scooping advice of his own.