Thanking President Reagan for Being Here When We Needed Him

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It seems somehow poetic as we commemorate the weekend that would have marked Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, that we find our nation and our world desperate for a man of President Reagan’s strength, determination, and fearless belief in America and her founding principles.

As Egypt explodes, as the American economy continues in freefall, and as the security of our nation teeters precariously on the precipice, a left-wing media that abhorred Ronald Reagan during his tenure as president, now desperately and pathetically tries to convince the masses that the man currently occupying the White House is none other than the second-coming of the man who called that house “home” throughout most of the 1980s. (Just check out the recent cringeworthy cover of Time Magazine depicting Ronny gleefully embracing Obama as partner in patriotism!) Of course such comparisons fall on deaf ears, just as those of us who revere our 16th president never bought those ridiculous comparisons of Obama to Abraham Lincoln, either. 

The very existence of such idiotic comparisons (some shamelessly made by Obama himself) is evidence that many of Obama’s own lapdogs on the left have recognized not only the need for fearless leadership in these treacherous times, but also the weakness of the man we currently call president.  The sudden chaos in Egypt has provided a clear wake-up call to all of us, leaving even those we would least expect to do so, saying, “Reagan would know what to do” – or, even “George W. would know what to do.” Yes, they would. And the guy in charge now? Not so much. Faced as he is with such monumental challenges and failures, he’s looking weaker by the minute, and don’t think those who oppose us in this world aren’t noticing.

While individual Americans may have disagreed with President Reagan on individual issues, not to be denied by anyone was the man’s fierce love of America and her special brand of liberty, opportunity and goodness unique to all the world. So let us celebrate his life today and every day, and be grateful he was here when we needed him, willing to do the heavy lifting to preserve and protect our great nation and her people. May his courage and devotion serve to inspire others to be here when we need them, as well….in 2012 and beyond.  Like President Reagan himself, I intend to remain optimistic. As he well knew, where America is concerned, there is no other option.