Why Aren’t Obama Voters Rejoicing Over Rising Gas Prices?

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During the George W. presidency, the first question a liberal-leaning friend in another state would ask me whenever we spoke was always, “So how much are you guys paying for gas right now?”

But ever since Barack Obama, her guy, took office, she hasn’t asked me that question once.

This perplexes me, because Obama was crystal clear during his campaign for the presidency, that a dream he held for this nation was to see gas prices rise to well above $4.00 a gallon. His current secretary of energy stated before he claimed that title – and probably in an attempt to snag the position – that he wanted to see those prices rise to European levels (which means somewhere around $10 a gallon). Now we hear that gas prices may actually reach $5 or more – well on the way to that $10 goal — so all you Obama voters out there, let the rejoicing begin. Your man is keeping his promise, a promise he made long before you entered the polling booth, and I thus presume one of the many reasons you cast your precious vote for him.

The same should be applying to the lapdog media, shouldn’t it? They practically ran perpetual counters on the TV screen, ticking off gas and oil prices under President Bush, but I have yet to hear a peep out of them in celebration of this kept campaign promise of their guy, Obama. They have excused mightily their man for failing to keep his promise to close Guantanamo and to let loose those poor mistreated, misunderstood Gitmo inmates who simply sought to exercise their religious freedoms.  And they have done all they can to promote their man’s support of the hardworking labor folks and unemployed 60s throwbacks in Wisconsin simply trying to exercise their right to receive free health insurance and Viagra. Indeed the follow and promote blindly virtually anything and everything their man says or does.

But come to think of it, my non-lapdog-media friend so intent on monitoring gas prices under President Bush hasn’t mentioned any of these other issues, either. No talk of Obamacare and blue pills, no talk of widespread unemployment, and no mention of the First Family living in luxury as the matriarch of that family lecturers the peasants, urging them to embrace hunger and cold. Yet my friend voted for all of this, gleefully casting her precious vote for the “redistribution of wealth” and the socialization of America promised by then-candidate Obama.

Of course, to be honest, I don’t want to hear anything about this from her, nor do I care to hear mention of regret. As I have made crystal clear again and again, I have no patience for those who now regret casting a vote for an inexperienced, socialist-minded candidate who stated clearly his intent to transform America; to ensure our houses remain colder, our refrigerators emptier, our bank accounts skimpier; to ration medical care for Americans and gut the promise of a career in medicine; to appease those who wish to kill us; and to see gas prices soar. Let the silence of those I wish to see remain silent speak for itself.