A Union Wages War Against Americans, and the White House Swoons

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 Think back, if you will, to that terrible day in January of this year when a gunman of questionable sanity left dead or injured more than a dozen people who had gathered for an event in Tucson, Arizona, headlined by their local congresswoman. Within minutes of the shooting, the nation’s democrats took ownership of the tragedy, blaming conservatives for the shooting and demanding that those on the right from now on conduct themselves with only the highest level of civility and obedience.

In keeping with this commandment, Obama, using the event himself to launch his 2012 reelection campaign, headlined the ensuing “memorial”/pep rally to lecture us once again, like a finger-wagging schoolmarm, that we the people (of the right, of course) were responsible for the tragedy in Tucson and we must “be better.”

So now let’s take stock, shall we, of how well this lopsided call for civility has fared since its inception.

While there are far too many examples to cite, we the people of the right continue to hear ourselves referred to as “Nazis,” an accusation the left might abandon if they cared to get their noses into a genuine history book or two.  They then might grasp an understanding of America (including our proper number of states), as well as the fact that the Nazis where the poster children for leftwing fascism.

On a related note, we continue to hear that familiar chestnut “racist” hurled at anyone who dares to criticize this president or any leftist cause, from global warming to tax reform to illegal immigration to gun restrictions, thus rendering it the most trite and meaningless word in the English language. Meanwhile, as congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) condemns the Tea Party “to hell,” vice president Joe Biden refers to those who comprise the Tea Party as “terrorists.” I question the wisdom of Biden’s accusation, coming as it does on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the day when genuine terrorists took more than 3,000 American lives in a well-orchestrated attack on American soil.

But the crowning glory of the left’s definition of civility occurred this last weekend, when a prominent union leader pledged his organization’s allegiance to the president. “President Obama,” declared the commander of the Teamster’s Union, “this is your army. We are ready to march….let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out!” (the SOBs in question being the right, the republicans, the Tea Party….you know the drill).

What has been most chilling about this diatribe is the failure of Obama, the President of the United States, to condemn this blatant lack of civility, let alone its outright call for violence against American citizens. This is not surprising, though, really, considering we have a president, who for decades listened to his family minister damn America, and who has himself called loyal thugs to do his bidding. “Bring a gun to a knife fight,” he has been known to command his minions. “Punish” our “enemies,” and “get in the faces” of those who oppose this administration. And now, with this most recent and deafening vow of silence, Obama brings once again new meaning to the word “unpresidential.”

So as this president and his followers continue to make clear that they are as exempt from an expectation of civility as they are exempt from the blue pills and life-threatening restraints of Obamacare, we the people will continue to work toward bringing someone back to the White House who not only understands the office of the Presidency, but who also understands the greatness of our nation.  Keep the faith, America.

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