Romney Wins Florida — So What Happens Now?

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Tonight Mitt Romney won Florida’s republican primary.  No surprise there.  And not surprising, are the pundits shouting from the rooftops that he will no doubt be the GOP nominee come November.

Well, I’m not ready to concede who the republican nominee will be.  What I am willing to say, and what I have said for months (years), is that whoever earns that coveted role as nominee better be ready for a street fight and all that comes with that.  So far, I haven’t seen many street-fighting characteristics in tonight’s Florida winner, nor have I seen him carrying the torch of true  conservatism.  Here’s hoping that if he indeed does become the official republican candidate, he’ll prove me wrong.

What Was Left Unsaid Last Night

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It would seem that despite Obama’s perky, carefully selected words last night in his State of the Union/Campaign address — and despite his media minions’ customary insistence that it was the most brilliant speech ever given by anyone in any time in history — most Americans still don’t believe that our nation is on the right track.  In fact, we are even hearing the “L” word (“lie”) bandied about (this time after, rather than during, the speech), as well as laments over America’s continued lack of jobs and economic muscle.  Many today, both pundits and laypeople alike, are also noting what was left unsaid in last night’s speech, such as the words Keystone veto, blue pill, trillion, Solyndra, Chevy Volt and occupy.  Good thing we can still find that critical information elsewhere.


A Predictably Pandering State of the Union from Barack Obama

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The democrats in Congress certainly got a workout tonight.  It would seem their seats were wired to zap them with electric shocks whenever Barack Obama, in tonight’s State of the Campaign Address, offered an applause line he deemed worthy of a standing ovation.  For those dems in attendance, from former first lady Hillary to Warren Buffet’s secretary to Nancy “giant gavel” Pelosi to carefully selected military folk to, sadly, recuperating congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, this meant leaping up every two phrases or so.  Perhaps that was the intent: Distract Americans who might be watching so they won’t pay attention to what the president is saying – and more, importantly, what he’s not.  More likely, he was just trying to show Newt that “see, I can get standing ovations, too.”

But let’s look into the true meaning of those standing Os, shall we?  Painfully apparent almost from the get-go was the fact that we were witnessing democrats in panic.   As their leader presented even more taxpayer-funded bribes to an already crippling list, and blatantly avoided the many failures and unpopular policies of his administration, the dems felt the need to convince onlookers that their guy has the right stuff – and yes, that he can get standing ovations, too!  And there among them, almost repeatedly trampled, was John McCain, flanked, by choice, on all sides by democrats, reminding us once more that in 2008 we voters were essentially offered a choice between two democrats: one moderate, the other the most radical leftwing democrat ever to win the party’s nomination, let alone the election.

Pathetic was that party’s behavior tonight, as well as that of Obama, who once again displayed for all the world his complete disconnect with the American people and the way this country operates.  He tried to cover for this, apparently with the help of the Government Motors advertising team, reading from his prompter pithy ad-copy platitudes “an economy built to last,” “an America built to last” – mimicking, it would seem, what we’ll hear during commercial breaks when the Giants face the Patriots in Indianapolis on February 5th.

I won’t bother summarizing what Obama covered in his campaign speech tonight.  We’ve heard it all before: the meaningless catchphrases, the pandering promises, the glaring omissions, several play-by-play narratives of how he took out Osama bin Laden – though I did find disconcerting his intent to transform the United States Defense Department into a green-energy mill.  The upshot of it all is that he intends to continue to disregard the constraints of the U.S. Constitution and do whatever he wants to do, because, you see, he knows what’s best for us in all aspects of our American life.  Still not sure where he gained such expertise in all aspects of American life, but how dare I ask.  Instead I’ll just hope for change come November – and hope that this is the last Obama State of the Union we will ever have to see.