Obama Voters Get the Gas Prices They Voted For

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Congratulations to those voters who cast their ballots for Barack Obama four or so years ago.  They watched the campaign, they reveled euphorically in the rhetoric and the undefined catchphrases, they ignored the glaring facts, and when that fateful November day dawned, they weighed in for a man who, without hesitation or shame, stated that, as president, he would like to see gas prices rise above $4 a gallon and beyond.  Now as we watch those prices shoot into the stratosphere, I trust those voters are dancing in the streets as they see this particular campaign promise become a reality.

In this spirit, I would like to remind those who voted for Barack Obama that the man is doing exactly what he said he would do – long before you cast your votes.  Meanwhile, we who did not vote as you did, we who listened to what he said before November 2008 and from the get-go viewed his anti-American agenda and his non-existent resume with suspicion, we, unlike you, resent his $4-plus-per-gallon price tag.  Plenty of us also happen to believe that all of this is happening by design, right according to plan – you know, the plan to “transform” America by destroying all that has made America the greatest nation the world has ever known.

So, those of us who count ourselves as pro-American, pro-liberty, we ask that you who forced this man upon us resist the urge to complain about the toll your president’s policies are taking on your bank accounts – and the future bank accounts of your children and grandchildren.  We ask, too, that you resist the urge to complain as you find yourself pumping this week’s grocery money, as well as the kids’ college fund, into your gas tank.  And please don’t bother telling us that you now regret your vote that November.  You knew exactly what you were voting for, but you have left the rest of us to join in paying for what you did.  Whether it can be fixed remains to be seen.


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